Why 508 compliance matters

Public sector organizations carry a heavy burden: create digital experiences that are usable, inclusive, and meet 508-compliance standards. Since the pandemic, government agencies are under more scrutiny than ever to deliver these digital experiences. Falling short means isolating a significant portion of the population, thwarting business outcomes, and risking legal penalties, too.

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You understand the importance of creating accessible digital experiences, but maybe you’re struggling to get started. We get it. The path to 508 compliance can feel daunting. But achieving and maintaining these standards doesn’t have to be complicated.

Our friends at UsableNet have helped many organizations make accessible and inclusive apps. They’re offering an accessibility test to help you identify compliance errors on your website and understand how to fix them. Take the free test and get your results by email in minutes. 

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Easily design and deliver accessible apps with Skuid.

Organizations like the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs use Skuid to deliver citizen and employee-facing apps that are usable, inclusive, and meet rigorous 508 standards. In a matter of months, the VA addressed non-compliance complaints and future-proofed its organization for accessibility with a scalable and declarative foundation. 

Skuid supports key sections of the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT™)—federal documentation that outlines how information and communication technology meets 508 standards. While building an app in Skuid, you can ensure:

  • The app works with a screen reader
  • You can navigate the app with just a keyboard
  • The color contrast is sharp enough
  • Labels are large and clear enough
  • And more

Skuid was recently recognized as a 2021 Salesforce Partner Innovation Award winner for innovative use of the Salesforce Customer 360 and dedication to driving customer success. Read more about the award and the success story from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs here to see how they achieved compliance with Skuid.

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Now that you know what you need to fix, how will you solve these challenges and scale accessibility across your digital experiences? 

At Skuid, we believe that software should work the way people do, not the other way around. This means designing with accessibility from the start, using low-code and human-centric tools to create delightful, intuitive applications.

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An accessibility success story

Want more free resources on 508 compliance and accessibility? Read the VA's story to see how they brought a critical app into compliance using Skuid in a matter of months. Or watch the on-demand webinar featuring accessibility experts from the VA and UsableNet.
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