5 red flags: When DevOps might not be a good fit.

The DevOps movement has already done a lot of good for software delivery across a wide range of organizations. However, despite the enthusiasm and fervor, hitting the accelerator for end-to-end DevOps is not the only answer to all the world’s business cases. In Tech Beacon’s recent article 5 red flags: When DevOps might not be a good fitSkuid’s manager of development operations Anthony Blardo shares that companies with legacy processes or architectures should look to other methodologies.

If your projects are massive, complex, and require being monolithic, it can be helpful to look to a spiral or waterfall delivery process to help ensure that the project is completed properly. It can be too daunting to move to a full DevOps model for some organizations that require individuals’ control over the delivery process. If your director of engineering or CTO requires direct intervention and sign-off on all changes delivered, or your QA staff has limited automation, “you may be best served to look into a waterfall delivery methodology until these can be improved.

Anthony Blardo
Manager of Development Operations


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Ellie Hildebrand
Public Relations Manager