B2B Marketing tools that will change how your enterprise does business in 2019.

Which new B2B Marketing Tools will rule 2019, and which are all hype? MASS Engines reveals the most promising Enterprise Marketing tools for 2019. Skuid’s no-code application development platform made the top of this list.

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Skuid is a cloud-based platform that allows non-programmers to develop custom applications. Code can be used to fine-tune applications, but the non-coding interface places the priority on quick and attractive design. The goal, according to Skuid, is to solve specific B2B technology challenges by helping companies develop solutions that function well, can be built with relative ease, and are user-friendly enough to encourage adoption. Skuid is cloud-based and the applications you build can automatically synchronize with other applications and data in the cloud, such as major Marketing Automation and CRM platforms, creating a seamless integration process.


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Ellie Hildebrand
Public Relations Manager