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Boost sales productivity in a WFH environment

Right now, staying up-to-date on what’s happening in your sales organization is more critical than ever. You’re not in the office with the team, you can’t join their in-person meetings, which might not be happening anyways…so what is happening?

Skuid partner Leancog is a strategy and technology consulting firm that helps companies innovate faster by using an iterative, hypothesis-driven approach to identify and build the solution that makes the most sense for their clients. So, when several of Leancog’s clients came to them asking to help their existing sales app to better fit the new work-from-home environment, they gladly accepted the challenge and created a new app in a few days using Skuid.

Leancog’s customers wanted a way to better measure sales activity so they could easily hold sales reps and teams accountable and quickly report on activity in the organization. Without relying on in-person, in-office interactions to collect this information, sales leaders needed an app that reps actually wanted to use so that data input and quality was reliable. The Leancog team combined the power of Salesforce Lightning and Skuid to build a highly-adopted app that helped their users work remotely as a team.

Queue the “Activities tracking management app”

In the new app, each salesperson can easily sort their accounts based on priority level. They can sort by which accounts have not been contacted in the last fifteen days, with the overdue accounts clearly highlighted. The Skuid page exposes only the ‘last activity’ and ‘# calls YTD’ specific to this particular rep. The standard fields in Salesforce would normally combine any and all activity from Marketing, Operations, etc… With those interactions filtered out behind the scenes, the rep has clarity into only the activities they have taken.


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Not only can the reps and their managers get key insights from this page, but the reps can also take direct action in-line by clicking the log-a-call button on the table and then follow-ing the steps in the pop-up to track the interaction. This means the activities tracker isn’t just a ‘to-do’ list, it’s a ‘get-it-done’ list. The pop-up integrates contextual account data and critical data tracking steps, so reps can easily log their calls without ever leaving the page or navigating to try to find the correct relationship to log from. Managers get the benefits of seeing all the data accurately, in real-time as the reps take action.

Real-time activities tracking

With Skuid, Leancog also updated the overall Accounts page Activities panel. The native Salesforce Activities Pane allows for activities tracking, but the reps had trouble distinguishing which activity was related to which object. Leancog streamlined their view in order to reduce confusion. Now, the Reps pick their ‘activity’ from a picklist and the Skuid page does the work of mapping their choice to the Salesforce schema. When the Activity Type is selected, Skuid’s conditional rendering displays the corresponding required fields for that activity and walks the rep through the process to capture the correct data.

For Leancog, it was a no-brainer to use Skuid to make these adjustments, and the build took them very little time to deliver for their customers. Nine months ago, one of the sales teams had minimal adoption with the native activities sidebar. In the nine months since launch, they have more than 500 people using the app across several accounts.

With the transition to a fully remote workforce, the customizations made with Skuid have been crucial for helping the teams continue to communicate what needs to be done and what’s been done. With Skuid, they can continually and quickly make changes to their apps as remote selling continues to force new changes to their processes.

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