Building more human-centered software at AWS re:Invent 2017

Building more human-centered software at AWS re:Invent 2017

Another year, another amazing AWS re:Invent conference! As we settle down from that whirlwind of a week, we’re reflecting on what we learned, the fun we had, and what’s next in enterprise innovation.

Voice is the future of computing.

AWS made it clear this year that conversational interfaces represent the next big disruption in the software industry with the release of Amazon Alexa for business. The advent of voice-enabled software comes down to making things easier and more efficient for the user. Why unlock your device, open an app, and type in a query, when instead, you could say “Alexa, find me XYZ”?

Skuid was proud to demonstrate at our re:Invent demo session this year just how voice works in the context of a real business app. In only minutes, and withoutskuid demo at aws reinvent writing a line of code, Skuid and AWS extraordinaire Jackson Stone built a voice-enabled app that fully leveraged the power of Amazon Lex and data, with a beautiful, mobile user interface (UI).

Demo session attendees walked away with a greater understanding of the use of chatbots, intents and chaining, slots, multi-turn conversations, error handling, AWS Lambda, and deployments, in the context of creating a real business application with an exceptional UI.

Watch the full demo session here.

It’s time to relieve app fatigue.

During his keynote presentation,’s chief technology officer, Werner Vogels, talked about the current state of enterprise software, and more specifically, the people who use it. Users in the enterprise are suffering from app fatigue, Vogels says. They’re jumping back and forth between separate applications, log-ins, and interfaces, just to get their job done.

The secret to rescuing users from app exhaustion? Letting your customers guide your roadmap. Amazon doesn’t want to tell you how you should build your software, Vogels says. Instead, he says it’s about listening to the needs of the customers/users: What do they want to do with their applications? What development capabilities do they need?

Vogels used GE as an example of an organization that’s transformed its internal processes and its company by listening to its users and being open to true innovation—with compelling results. At Skuid, we couldn’t agree more with AWS and GE—we’ve even got the blog to prove it. The applications you build—and how you build them—should be completely in your hands.

Keep things fun.

Best swag at aws reinvent

What’s a trade show without a little—or a lot—of fun? This year, we had a blast giving away our signature Skuid hats, and you responded! We were honored to win AWS re:Invent’s “Best Sponsor Swag” award!

If you have any questions that weren’t answered or want more information about Skuid, we’d love to talk more!

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