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Chart your own path with Skuid Learn.

What if anyone could build a robust, highly useful, supremely adopted enterprise app?

As we enter an unprecedented era in business, where every company is a software company, we’re thrilled to introduce Skuid Learn—a free training and education portal for the rapidly growing citizen developer community.

Discover the new way to develop applications.

With demand for enterprise applications exceeding the ability of IT departments to supply them, organizations looking to maximize productivity and efficiency today need new options for building apps.

With Skuid Learn, organizations can leverage existing resources to quickly build a world-class team of web and mobile application developers, and execute on strategy faster.

Even before Skuid Learn, citizen developers learned to use Skuid to their advantage much faster than they ever could have via traditional web and mobile app development methods (read: code). Skuid Learn makes it even more possible for anyone to become an app development expert, regardless of their IT background.

Developers who already know the principles behind web and mobile app development, meanwhile, can use Skuid Learn to ramp up on the Skuid Platform lightning fast, returning to the portal as needed when they encounter questions along the way.

Build confidence and keep pace.

Building apps without writing code is kind of like learning to ride a bike.

Ken MceElrath

It can seem scary and overwhelming at first. But with Skuid Learn at your side, you can do it. You can learn to build powerful, beautiful web and mobile applications.

Ken McElrath

When you explore Skuid Learn, you won’t find a dry, boring manual about how to add yet another piece of tech to your ever-growing stack. You’ll learn how to use next-generation app development tools to tackle problems in innovative ways, to think differently about how your business runs, to create the solutions you imagine, and to inspire others to do the same.

Own your journey.

Skuid Learn makes learning simple, fun, and easy to customize to individual needs. Dive into a self-serve portal where you’ll find Journeys, Sections, and Projects to guide you through features, functions, and best practices for building applications with Skuid. You can choose to follow a Journey if you’re looking for a fully guided educational plan, and track your progress in a personal dashboard and complete regular quizzes to self assess.

Those who already know what they want to learn, meanwhile, can dip into an ever-expanding collection of Sections and Projects to find single-topic solutions and targeted building processes. Wherever you are on your adventure, you can easily find the tools you need to go the extra mile.

Ready to explore Skuid Learn? Dive in today.

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