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Corrao Group Partners with Skuid to Maximize CRM Experiences.

Chattanooga, Tenn. – Skuid, the leading no-code application development platform, today announced that Corrao Group has partnered with Skuid to deliver completely customized sales force automation solutions to their clients.

Corrao Group is a certified Salesforce partner and provides CRM-related services to companies who are new to the tool or who would like to optimize and expand their CRM solutions for greater ROI. After initially using the Skuid front-end development platform to redesign their own internal processes for sales and marketing, Corrao Group selected Skuid as the front-end development standard for delivering better, made-to-order user experiences to their clients.

In the past, Corrao Group used a cumbersome sales force automation system that took hundreds of hours to develop and was hard to update, which impacted billing and revenue. Managers could not quickly see insights they needed about projects in progress.

The project management dashboard Corrao Group designed with Skuid—built in just 18 hours—gave sales reps the information they needed to update projects with ease and provided managers greater visibility through a central cockpit.

“We don’t implement technologies that we don’t use ourselves, and we were blown away by the speed at which we can design and deploy applications with Skuid,” said Jack Corrao, managing partner at Corrao Group. “Customers want an interface that surfaces data to users in a way that helps them accomplish their goals efficiently, and Skuid’s platform has delivered on that promise for both Corrao Group and our clients.”

In addition to their project management makeover, Corrao Group decided to transform their aging forecasting model. Their old forecasting solution didn’t account for their unique segmentation and processes. It was overly complex and expensive to maintain, and did not provide adequate data access to all sales reps.

With Skuid, Corrao Group created an optimized version of the forecasting dashboard in just 13 hours—a whopping 95 percent faster development time. Now everyone can access the forecasting dashboard and each user can filter the data to customize their view for their own needs. Additionally, leadership uses the forecasting dashboard to more accurately recognize revenue by month. Corrao Group now plans to broaden its use of Skuid in other lines of business, such as human resources.

“Enterprise software should instantly respond to the unique needs of each business user,” said Ken McElrath, CEO and founder of Skuid. “With Skuid, Corrao Group can create custom software that builds on current CRM capabilities, while delivering truly personalized user experiences. We are thrilled to partner with Corrao Group as they use Skuid to deliver greater agility, productivity, and app engagement for their customers.”

To learn more about how market-leading companies are using Skuid to drive business productivity and digitally transform, visit Skuid’s customer page.


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About Skuid

Skuid was founded in 2013 on the simple belief that enterprise software should stop forcing people to behave like machines. Instead, apps should behave more like the humans who use them, so everyone can thrive in the digital world. With Skuid’s simple-to-use but incredibly robust cloud front-end design-and-deploy platform, anyone can connect to disparate data sources, assemble highly complex, made-to-order applications, and instantly make changes—all without writing code. More than 5 million users across 32 countries use Skuid to engage with each other, with data, and with new customers in meaningful ways.  For more information, visit

About Corrao Group

With offices across the nation, the Corrao Group ( provides Salesforce services to companies who are new to Salesforce, as well as those who would like to optimize their Salesforce, and those who would like to expand Salesforce company-wide to maximize their ROI. Its services range from fully customized solutions utilizing multiple Salesforce products to support hours used at the client’s discretion. In addition to their Salesforce services, Corrao Group is a full-service digital media agency, helping companies with their marketing efforts.


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