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Whether they’re working for your organization, purchasing your product or services, or partnering with you to reach new business, users today want to self-serve for their needs.

They want to be able to reach important information about your organization whenever and wherever they are—whether they’re working from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone—without talking to an agent or calling the help desk or a manager.

Luckily, organizations today can provide these things to everyone they work with, through self-service portals and communities.

And not only can they provide those portals—they can customize them to meet their users’ needs exactly. But where to start?

We created this Portals and Communities Guide to give you a jump-start on your next portal or community project.

With the Portals & Communities Guide, discover:

  • The value of providing your customers, employees, and partners with intuitive portal and community experiences
  • Inspiring stories from organizations like the American Association for Cancer Research about how they created their own unique portals and communities
  • How to create your own custom portal and community applications, with demo video examples

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