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DevOps for doubters: How to deal with 9 kinds of people who push backup.

The Enterpriser’s Project recently published an article on How to deal with 9 kinds of people who push backup.
Skuid’s manager of development operations, Anthony Blardo offers key insight into how to identify people clinging to the old ways of working and get them on board with your DevOps efforts. Read more here.


In my experience, the most common people issue encountered with large-scale DevOps change is ‘not my job’ syndrome… I have had very good luck with having one-on-one conversations with each team member, along with asking for input from the team as a group to figure out what the bottlenecks in the software delivery process are and potential solutions that the team could come up with by working closer.

Anthony Blardo
Manager of Development Operations


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Ellie Hildebrand
Public Relations Manager