Digital transformation is happening in the energy industry.

The energy industry is always shifting.

As massive companies deal with often unpredictable market changes, those who succeed are the ones who are able to pivot fastest, manage risk, and find new ways to innovate.

The path to business agility, however, can appear complex. It requires digital transformation from the inside out.

That’s why industry leaders are leveraging no-code app development platforms like Skuid to improve the way they operate, elevate company culture, and achieve unprecedented productivity. Learn how and why they do it—and see the amazing results.

Make Industry 4.0 a reality.

Industry 4.0 is the latest and greatest way to refer to digital transformation initiatives in the energy industry.

It means transforming the way a company works—pairing the most innovative technologies with the most efficient processes to drive simplification, synergy, and value.

And in the energy industry, this transformation is desperately needed.

To put it in the words of Shan Jegatheeswaran, executive commercial director at GE Oil & Gas (now Baker Hughes, a GE company),  “The B2B industrial world still operates as though we’re in 1986.”

We talk about AI, and machine learning, and collaborating across the globe, but we’re still using PowerPoint, Outlook, and Excel as our primary modes of communication.

We’re not changing the way work gets done on the most basic level. If we don’t do that, we can’t expect our organizations to be agile in a big way.

So what can we do?

It’s clear that solving the problem is not as simple as buying a new business app and hoping that things work themselves out. But it’s also not impossible.

Companies need a platform for innovation to make it easier to optimize processes and rapidly build the solutions that they need.

Rather than trying to tackle every problem at once, companies can leverage no-code app development platforms like Skuid to transform their organizations, one app at a time—without breaking the bank.

Unify your entire organization.

Large organizations may struggle the most with enterprise software.

Often stitched together over the years by mergers and acquisitions, major energy companies are tasked with combining technology, products, and services from across the globe into something cohesive.

This unification is needed not just for the sake of consistency, but also because without it, organizations suffer from inefficiencies and data quality issues—sometimes without even knowing it.

Generally, unifying and customizing existing software is a job for IT, but even in businesses with large teams, IT is busy maintaining infrastructure.

Simply put, business needs are and will continue to outpace our ability to write enough code to keep up. Long development cycles are not a sustainable model for keeping up with the pace of innovation.

No-code development platforms, meanwhile, allow users across an enterprise—both expert developers and citizen developers—to connect to data from countless disparate sources into a single, unified solution.

Removing the need for custom code saves money and time, and allows key stakeholders at all business levels the time to focus on complex business challenges.

Make it easier to get work done.

With no-code development platforms, energy companies can also get the flexibility they need to create solutions that work for their people, not against them.

Companies have the freedom to rewrite processes according to what works best for each individual, team, and department, because they have the freedom to design business apps any way they want.

Many companies struggle to get even half of their people using their apps, even though one clear indicator of an app’s success is high user adoption.

Creating enterprise applications tailor-made for your employees makes it more likely that people will actually use them, which dramatically increases returns on your enterprise software investment.

The more people use your business apps, the more likely they are to be productive, and ultimately, to be happier. Happier, more productive employees become advocates, and advocates become culture makers.

Project by project, little by little, energy companies can create an agile culture that breeds innovation through the use of a no-code platform like Skuid. An environment where design thinking isn’t a workshop employees attend to fulfill a learning hours requirement—it’s just the way they work.

And let’s not forget about the very real business results.

Reap the benefits of better apps.

With Skuid, you can build totally custom, powerful applications that support unique business processes.

Our customers in the energy industry have a history of skyrocketing their user adoption with intuitive, easy-to-use applications that match their real-world business processes.

With Skuid, you can:

  • Increase new deals created
  • Improve pipeline and project management
  • Get better visibility and business insights
  • And more!

Ready to start your digital transformation? Get a free Skuid demo today!

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