Finding a Balance Between Microservices and Micromanagement.

Microservices architecture is seen by some as a more effective way to scale DevOps. The evolving needs of cloud and mobile are compelling more enterprises to try microservices architecture as a software development method. The intent is to streamline ways teams update and deploy software as businesses grow and change. Large enterprises are increasingly adopting such a model to simplify their companies’ access to data. In Information Week’s recent article, “Finding a Balance Between Microservices and Micromanagement“, Skuid Chief Technology Officer Mike Duensing argues that microservices architecture can enable enterprises to evolve faster and deliver on digital transformation initiatives.

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Traditional architectures are very monolithic and don’t scale well. If you change a big, monolithic system, you don’t know what’s going to break. You’re going to be more hesitant and your users are not going to get the functionality they need…Microservices can be an alternative, more digestible way to deliver needed changes.

Mike Duensing
Chief Technology Officer


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Ellie Hildebrand
Public Relations Manager