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[Forrester report] Improve automation with rapid app delivery.

For line-of-business leaders tasked with application development in their enterprises, something’s got to give. Demand for enterprise software has reached a tipping point, with responsibility loaded onto these leaders despite limited resource and ability.

In the latest report from Forrester, “Now Tech: Rapid App Delivery, Q1 2019,” Forrester Research examines rapid app delivery providers that we believe may solve this challenge. Skuid is cited in the report as a rapid application delivery provider, whose primary functionality segment is in low-code for application development and delivery pros.

After our read-through, we pulled out some key takeaways. Skuid believes that rapid app delivery providers can help app developers to:

  • Deliver applications within the timeframe the business needs and expects.

It’s in the name—rapid app delivery providers make it easier for developers to deliver applications more quickly, through declarative tools, automated deployment, and more.

  • Scale as you go.

Up-front investment in a rapid app delivery provider like Skuid may be low, and enterprises can scale their use as the value of the solutions increase in the business.

  • Empower business experts without sacrificing control or security.

With a rapid app delivery provider like Skuid, IT can incorporate business process experts into the development process to deliver better applications.

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