Skuid and Lightning Deep Dive

[Free webinar] Skuid and Lightning Deep Dive

You already know you can assemble made-to-order pages and apps with Skuid in Classic/Visualforce. But did you know you can also use Skuid to create an infinite number of made-to-order native Lightning components to fit your business app requirements exactly — no code required?

For any enterprise that’s long on software needs and short on time, Skuid and Salesforce Lightning deliver a powerful unicorn combination. Skuid takes advantage of all of the goodies in Lightning while dramatically extending the Salesforce platform’s user interface capabilities.

How does it all work?

We recently recorded a webinar on how Skuid and Lightning can help you accelerate your time to market and your time to iterate. Now, it’s time to go deeper.

Tune in to our free live webinar, Skuid and Lightning Deep Dive, on July 27, 2017, from 12–1 pm EST. We’ll do an in-depth look at how Skuid and Lightning Experience work together as a rapid web application development tool for the enterprise.

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