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Get a sneak peek into our marketing app—we built it ourselves.

What does it say about the software you’re selling if you wouldn’t use your own product?

Probably not great things.

That’s why, at Skuid, we take every opportunity to use the Skuid platform to build enterprise applications that we actually want to use.

Previously, we’ve showcased how our HR team used Skuid to create an app that matches their exact reporting requirements, and can grow and flex according to their needs.

Now, we’re showing off how the Skuid marketing team used the platform to take a minimalist approach to a marketing tech stack.

Before the marketing team implemented the Skuid solution, it would take around 10 minutes just to generate one report, and the team often had to pull multiple reports to get the data they actually needed.

“With Skuid, we were able to accurately organize all of the data into an easy-to-use dashboard in a matter of weeks,” says Mary Bruce, senior marketing programs manager.

In addition to more accurate reporting delivered in an intuitive user interface, users of the marketing app can also access:

  • Detailed information about which prospects engage with specific marketing campaigns, so that salespeople can follow up
  • Project management calendar for users to stay up-to-date on marketing activities coming up
  • Sales and marketing collateral like data sheets, guides, brochures, pitch decks, templates, and more.

Every company already is or will soon become a software company. What do you want yours to look like?

Read the full marketing app case study here to learn more about what we created.

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