Get to know Skuid solutions engineer Emily Davis

Physics major Emily Davis never imagined working for a tech company when she was in college. But when she got an internship at Skuid with no computer science background at all, her world changed.

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“A lot of people just encouraged me in the work that I was doing, and that was really a big deal for me,” she said.

During her time as an intern, Emily worked with customers to help them build custom applications and pages. She was eventually hired as a solutions engineer at Skuid. That was almost three years ago.

Having a product that people are excited about makes me passionate about the work I’m doing.

Emily is part of a team of about 30 people, consisting of other solutions engineers and tech support. Emily found it refreshing that Skuid focused more on hiring her for her personal qualities and the potential to build her skill set rather than looking for specialized skills she may or may not have.

“The coolest thing about me being able to work at Skuid and having the opportunity, and something I think has helped our company a lot, is focusing more on hiring for character and cultural fit and work ethic, and being able to learn rather than possessing a list of skills,” she said. “A lot of the solutions engineers we have hadn’t even touched Salesforce before and it’s a pretty steep learning curve and onboarding process, but it has been worth it to have those people. Once they learn, they are able to continue adapting and do their job really well.”

Part of Emily’s job is to help customers be successful once they buy Skuid. But the other part takes place during the sales process, helping to answer technical questions that potential customers have about the product or assisting with demos on sales calls. She’s even been brought in to build a proof of concept during a sale, learning about a business problem and trying to solve it, proving that it can be done with Skuid.

“The most rewarding part of my job is just seeing people get really excited about what they can do with Skuid,” said Emily. “They kind of have this light bulb moment either while they are learning about the product or when they see us build it, and they go, ‘Oh, I have this business problem that can be solved with this feature of Skuid,’ and they get really excited about it.”

Once someone becomes a customer, Emily helps them with implementing Skuid and building an application with it.

“I think we have a great product that we’re working with,” she says. “I think we’re really on the edge of seeing a kind of revolutionary change in technology. Having a product that people are excited about makes me passionate about the work I’m doing.”

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