Skuid on Lightning

Get more out of your Lightning Experience with Skuid

Can I use Skuid in Salesforce Lightning? Can Skuid help me make the move to Lightning Experience? Will using Skuid and Lightning make a big difference for me?

We get these questions a lot at Skuid. The answers? Yes, yes, and a resounding yes!

Skuid on Lightning Experience unlocks unique business solutions, fast. Imagine creating custom components in Lightning Experience without writing a single line of code. With Skuid, imagination becomes reality in minutes.

Skuid works like a code-free “supercomponent” in Lightning Experience so that you can create an infinite number of custom components and meet your business needs declaratively. Any Skuid page can be added to Lightning Experience as a Lightning component in Lightning App Builder. And since you don’t need your whole team of developers to build out custom functionality, you help IT power through their backlog to focus on high-priority projects and innovate more rapidly.

If you want evidence, watch this free webinar, Get more out of your Lightning Experience with Skuid.

We’ll show and tell where Skuid fits in Lightning Experience and do a deep dive into building amazing solutions, including design considerations for Skuid in Lightning Experience and making the move to Lightning Experience from Salesforce Classic.

Ready to extend your Lightning Experience and dramatically accelerate your time-to-market? Watch this webinar now.
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