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How Low-Code and No-Code Fit into a DevOps Strategy.

There are ways organizations can simplify app creation if they do not have the resources to build them from scratch. As DevOps talent remains in limited supply, some organizations are turning to alternative resources to fulfill their app creation needs. Companies naturally want to build apps quickly for internal and external purposes, but they might not have the time or in-house skills to build them from scratch. Information Week’s recent article How Low-Code and No-Code Fit into a DevOps Strategy explains how low-code and even no-code development tools can address these issues.

In the article, Skuid CTO Mike Duensing says the market should not be surprised by complex technology being distilled into simpler forms. He says the rise of low- and no-code is comparable to mobile devices being packed with computing power that once resided in mainframes. He goes on to explain that the obvious benefit in going low-code or no-code is that it alleviates the heavy lifting that usually comes with coding from the ground up.

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That makes the job of the developer go much, much faster…Low-code and no-code can help scale and accelerate deployment. If I can give one developer the power to do the work of five developers, it gives me the scale I need in a challenging hiring environment.

Mike Duensing
Skuid CTO


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Ellie Hildebrand
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