How to build a better business app in less than a day.

Yes, you can.

As Skuid hosts Build-an-App workshops around the world, this phrase has become our mantra. That’s because, again and again, we’re seeing customers and prospects discover that drag-and-drop app development is a practice in the art of the possible.

We bring in users and admins who know what it takes to create a business application—they know about their data sources, the business processes they need to build, and the challenges they’re facing in their app development strategy.

From our Build-an-App workshop surveys, below are some of the obstacles that attendees need to tackle in their own organizations. Do any of them sound familiar?

  • Managing agile requirements within Salesforce in a single view
  • Leveraging multiple data sources across business units
  • Getting all the data in Salesforce as close to realtime as possible
  • Getting user adoption and standardized business processes.

The attendees at our Build-an-App workshops don’t necessarily have the skills or the IT resources to quickly customize their business applications, at least not through traditional app development processes. That’s where Skuid comes in.

Skuid is the platform for you to create what you imagine. You can finally design and execute on an application development strategy that drives adoption and productivity. When we show how Skuid customers are solving these problems, people start to get excited.

Then, we dive deeper into the power of the no-code platform with Skuid experts. We drag and drop our way to the best business apps.

In the Build-an-App workshop, we share how in the best business apps, you can leverage data from multiple sources, all within a single, unified user experience. No more jumping from screen to screen, or taking too many steps just to complete a simple task. And then we build one of those apps. In four hours. With no code.

Here are just some of the use cases for which you can solve with Skuid:

  • Opportunity Management
  • Inside Sales Lead Qualification
  • Business Process Management
  • CPQ
  • Case Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Management Dashboard

The results speak for themselves. Once you know what you can do, the only limit becomes your imagination. We’re getting great reviews from attendees on the value of the workshop, and using feedback to make the process even better.

We can’t wait to see where you go with the Skuid platform.

Interested in finding a workshop near you? Visit our events page for more information.

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