The #1 toolkit to accelerate custom Salesforce app design, development, and adoption.

Introducing Skuid Boston, the latest update for faster application design and development.

Chattanooga, Tenn. – August 31, 2020 – Skuid, the leading toolkit to accelerate custom Salesforce app design, development, and adoption, today introduced the Skuid Boston release, a set of powerful new features to enhance and accelerate app development and user experiences. With Skuid, designers and developers can collaborate to create custom digital experiences, dramatically increasing user adoption and business innovation—up to 10 times faster.

The launch of the Boston release meets the current global imperative of more agile application design, development, and deployment. While a few months ago, businesses used generic systems that seemed “good enough” to get by, today, these systems range from highly inconvenient to completely broken when it comes to managing critical business processes. Companies desperately need their processes to be digitized, automated, and suited for a remote workforce. In a rapidly evolving and uncertain economy, application teams need more speed and agility, making declarative approaches to design and development essential.

The Skuid Boston release delivers powerful new capabilities including:

    • Design flexibility: With new and improved design features, app builders can now make every screen of their app a fully customized experience, with the exact look and feel they desire.
    • Declarative efficiency: Builders gain complete control over data entry and display with improvements to critical components like Fields, Forms, and Tables.
    • Builder usability: App builders will also enjoy a cleaner, easier, and more powerful app composer experience.

“If you want to build apps at blazing speed, without compromising user experience or extensibility, this release is for you,” said Skuid CEO and founder Ken McElrath. “The Skuid Boston release reflects our relentless pursuit to humanize enterprise software while dramatically reducing grunt work for developers and design engineers. Every enhancement gives app builders more comprehensive control and flexibility over digital experiences. This unique combination of control and flexibility frees builders to innovate faster and adapt easier—the formula for success in any economic conditions.”

Customer Quotes

“Conditionally colored table rows used to require a mix of Javascript and CSS. Now I can do it declaratively in a few clicks.”

Nosa Osai, Certified Salesforce Cloud Consultant, Rosetree Solutions

“I’ve already got four or five use cases for conditional field formatting that our users are going to love.”

Eric Pohlabel, Salesforce Certified Advanced Admin, Platform App Builder, Sales & Service Cloud Consultant, Vivial

About Skuid

Generic applications rarely match the unique workflows, processes and roles of your people, which kills software adoption and speed of innovation. Until now, user experience customization has cost far too much money and time. Skuid provides a fundamentally new model for creating digital experiences with little to no code required. Thousands of builders have used Skuid to create custom digital experiences for millions of users across dozens of countries, dramatically increasing adoption and innovation—up to 10 times faster. Visit to discover the #1 toolkit to accelerate custom Salesforce app design, development, and adoption.


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