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Low-code applications add speed and agility to organizations amid COVID-19.

Necessity is after all the mother of invention.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced organizations to rethink their entire business models. Low-code application development has given companies a new perspective on logistics and standard operations.

In the recent article from TechRepublic, Low-code applications add speed and agility to organizations amid COVID-19, Ken McElrath, CEO of the low-code and no-code solutions company, Skuid, weighs in on how companies are responding to their increasingly tight budgets and how to change moving forward.

“The crisis has put a bright spotlight on weaknesses that companies have let slide for some time. The pressure is on to not only fix what is broken, but to develop entirely new ways of doing business. And we don’t have months or millions of dollars to get it done,” said Ken McElrath, CEO of Skuid.

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I compare low-code and no-code to learning to ride a bicycle. Once you realize you can move 10 times faster, go much further with less energy, and honestly, feel that speed and the wind in your hair, why would you ever go back?

Ken McElrath
CEO and Founder


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Ellie Hildebrand
Public Relations Manager