New CPQ kit to start your guided selling project.

Just like today’s customers demand seamless interactions with your business, today’s mobile and fast-paced sales teams require seamless experiences with their sales software to serve those customers better.

Without automation and integration of systems to create accurate, approved quotes, sales teams won’t hesitate to resort to spreadsheets and homegrown solutions to generate the prospect and customer quotes they need—and they’ll ultimately deliver inaccurate results.

To stay on top of their game, modern sales teams need to embrace guided selling and configure-price-quote (CPQ) software.

Finding the right CPQ system for your guided selling initiative, however, can prove challenging. That’s why we’ve developed this kit to give you the tools you need to begin your CPQ project.

With this CPQ kit, you will:

  • Understand the ins and outs of CPQ, and how you can use guided selling to grow your sales organization.
  • Read and listen to stories about how companies like yours use modern CPQ systems to speed sales cycles, win more deals, and drive up total revenue.
  • Learn how to get access to a CPQ application that you can customize to the needs of your sales organization, without eating up time and resources.

Ready to get started? Explore the CPQ kit today.

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