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Public Displays of Affection

I have a new role at Skuid! My new title: Principal Developer Advocate.

Yes, the acronym is PDA. Now does the title make sense? You can thank my new manager, the leader of the “USE Skuid” team, for that one.

But really – I think the title conveys it well: my new role is trying to focus my day-to-day efforts exclusively on one overarching goal — championing the cause of the Skuid user, but in particular, of users with a “developer” background.

To be clear, this does not mean that I’ll no longer be working on the Skuid product — on the contrary, I’ll continue to be very actively involved in improving the product.

My goal, though, is to be an advocate, rather than an implementer – to listen to the Skuid developer community, and do whatever work is necessary to take what I’m hearing and seeing back to our product, docs, training, sales, and marketing teams, and advocate for whatever is most helpful for freeing developers to thrive in Skuid.

The other side of advocacy, though, is knowledge sharing – taking what I and others know about what Skuid can do and sharing that with the broader community, to help make each user succeed in solving the particular challenge that they’re facing today. Skuid is not the right tool for every type of application that you might want to build – absolutely not. But I wholeheartedly believe that Skuid solves a certain class of problems really, really well, maybe even better and faster than any other tool out there. As one of the co-creators of Skuid, who’s been there with the product since before day one, who’s worked with the product in every capacity from principal engineer to consultant to sales rep (in the early days of any product, everybody wears all the hats) — I’ve spent literally thousands of hours helping people succeed in building with Skuid. I say that only to communicate that I absolutely love helping people find the right way to use Skuid to solve their problems.


So, for those of you who are developers who have either not heard of Skuid before, or just heard that it’s a “low code” tool, your first thought may be, “wait, why would a developer want to use a “low code” tool?

First — if you are in New York City, I’ll be speaking at Developer Week on June 20th about exactly this, please come and hear Nate and I get real about the concerns about low code development:

DeveloperWeek session: Low-Code Development Tools: Game Changing, or Game Over?

And… if you aren’t planning to attend, or don’t have a pass yet — follow me on Twitter (@zachelrath) and send me a DM, I’ve got some free attendee passes I can share!

But for those of you who can’t make the session, my very next post will answer the question: why Skuid? Why did we make it, and why should a developer use it? Stay tuned!

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Lead Software Engineer

I lead Skuid’s engineering team in developing a platform for building bespoke user experiences at blazing speed.