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Rethinking How Work Gets Done with a Transformed UX and UI

Rethinking How Work Gets Done with a Transformed UX and UI

Amid everything happening in the world this year, businesses and individuals have been forced to change the way they operate. Some companies were already agile and seamlessly adjusted their operations; others learned—quickly—how to adapt to a new business reality.

While change can be hard, it can create an opportunity for organizations to create and/or execute a digital transformation, including innovating user interface and user experience for your employees. Although a new direction during a global crisis may seem daunting, if there was ever a time to commit to proactive change, it’s now.

Rethinking work

A recession is happening, and companies that were thriving in 2019 are struggling today. Business leaders are questioning how they will respond to the situation as it improves or deteriorates.

Everyone wants answers, but unfortunately, even the experts are uncertain about where business is heading. The solution to this uncertainty must be action instead of paralysis. By focusing on what you can control, you can not only handle adversity, but grow from it. During this crazy time, organizations should:

  • Reduce
  • Refactor
  • Reset

By applying these three principles from every angle, you can develop a correct response, not one that’s an overreaction or underreaction, but one that perfectly suits what your company and your employees need to operate in the new reality.

Reframing work

In his landmark book, The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else in Business, noted organizational expert Patrick Lencioni presents six critical questions that companies and their leadership teams should ask themselves:

  1. “Why do we exist?”
  2. “How do we behave?”
  3. “What do we do?”
  4. “How will we succeed?”
  5. “What’s most important right now?”
  6. “Who must do what?”

Your answers to these questions define who you are and what makes your organization unique, and they take on added urgency during the current crisis. Responses to the first three questions likely haven’t changed much, but how you approach the last three will continually change, especially now. From your answers, a strategic plan becomes evident, and that plan should include a digital transformation.

Reimagining software

Whether organizations were ready or not, the pandemic caused many to embark on their digital transformation initiatives that might already have been in various stages of planning—or procrastinating. The path to transforming user interface and user experience might seem daunting, and in the midst of this crisis, the temptation might be to create more manual processes based on spreadsheets.

Resist that temptation.

New software solutions can help your organization get more done faster and can energize your workforce. Such solutions should:

  • Facilitate fuller adoption (versus abandoning new processes because they are new and possibly feared or misunderstood)
  • Promote faster innovation (versus falling behind the competition or letting progress stall)
  • Allow frequent adoption (versus stagnation)

These opportunities are especially key during a recession—not to mention the work-from-home trend that may become more accepted even after the pandemic passes—because digital transformation not only helps you survive the present, but it also allows you to take success into the future.

Innovative solutions in action

The combination of Skuid and Salesforce can help drive digital transformation by delivering a more intuitive user experience, a more dynamic user interface, efficient processes, and branding to match your organization’s needs—all with minimal code. Real-world accomplishments of our solution include:

  • In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Utah-based healthcare company Chrysalis used Skuid to build a quarantine protocol system and add an Emergency Response Center tab in Salesforce in a single day, achieving full adoption in a day and a half.
  • Full Skope, which produces cloud banking solutions for organizations across the United States, incorporated Small Business Administration/Paycheck Protection Program loan application processing, which has been beset by constantly changing requirements, into its solution in mere days and with limited resources.
  • A hospitality provider transformed the request for proposal (RFP) process from 125 clicks and ten minutes into a four-step wizard with 50 clicks and just five minutes.
  • A parachute inspection team transformed a 49-click, eight-minute process into four clicks requiring less than a minute.

How Skuid supports an upgraded user experience

More than ever, people need solutions that match the way they work. Skuid accelerates custom app design across the Salesforce ecosystem, allowing organizations to humanize the user experience for their employees. With it, you can transform:

  • Data: Connect to all your data with just a few clicks.
  • Logic: Quickly create client-side logic for almost anything—no coding necessary.
  • UI: Build intuitive applications with scalable design that matches your branding.

All this and more are possible with a single toolkit that allows you to quickly adapt—exactly what you need in a world that is constantly changing.

To learn more about how Skuid can help your organization make transformational leaps, watch our recent webinar.

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