Skuid: A Salesforce Admin’s Secret for Success

Skuid: A Salesforce Admin’s secret for success

In a recent eBook release, Salesforce explored the top 25 apps available on the AppExchange™, highlighting how they improved use of the tool for Salesforce Trailblazers. The eBook features Skuid’s code-free user experience platform.

When Salesforce was founded in 1999, it provided a way for companies to create, manage, and update the customer relationship pipeline using a single tool. This idea was revolutionary, but it wasn’t necessarily one-size-fits-all. After all, each business, product, and team is different. Some companies struggled to make Salesforce’s processes fit different departments and needs. That’s why Salesforce launched its AppExchange in 2006—to extend Salesforce’s functionality.

As a platform created to help Salesforce customers adapt to users’ unique needs, with lowered time and cost for development, Skuid quickly moved to the top of the AppExchange, and users fell in love with Skuid.

They’d use the app and have success, posting their experience on Salesforce Trailhead—a source for anyone, anywhere to learn more about making the most of Salesforce. These experts became Trailblazers.

Salesforce Trailblazers and their valuable insights are an integral part of the Salesforce community for highlighting top apps and educating other admins around the world. Their influence and expertise is clear in Salesforce’s new eBook, which provides an insider’s guide to the best apps available today—including Skuid.

Featured in the document is James Hardie, a global manufacturer. With close to 500 Salesforce users, they had many needs to meet and many functions to tackle within Salesforce. Meeting the customization requirement seemed impossible. But then they discovered Skuid. Implementing Skuid across the board, they were able to unify their sales process on a single page. This is a huge time saver both for the sales team and James Hardie’s Salesforce admins.

For more information on how Skuid helped James Hardie, and to learn what other apps the Trailblazers recommend, download the eBook here.

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