Skuid: so simple, even a third grader can build a killer app.

Skuid: so simple, even a third grader can build a killer app.

You start out in a dungeon—the Dungeon of Decay. You’re not wearing any armor, and you’re woefully out of weapons. But, you’re braver than most (that’s why you’re here in the first place), and you’re counting on that bravery to get you through this adventure.

You have four choices. Left door, right door, hallway, or stay and inspect the room. A journey filled with goblins, zombies, wizards, and booby-trapped corridors is just one click away. If you’re lucky, you might leave with 1,000 gold pieces in your pocket. Well, figuratively.

That’s just a taste of what you experience when you play “The Dungeon,” a choose-your-own-adventure computer game that third-grader Zach Schreurs created using Skuid.

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The story of “The Dungeon” began when Zach, the son of Skuid user Joseph S. Schreurs, was tasked with a school project where he had to create a good or service for his class “store.” At the store, the students buy and sell goods or services to each other so that they can practice creating new things, as well as performing a bit of show-and-tell. Zach knew he wanted to create a computer game that all of his friends could play online, and he knew he wanted it to feature a story about running through a dungeon.

When Zach saw his dad, Joe, rapidly building apps with Skuid for Larimer County in Colorado, that sparked an idea.

“After seeing the work I was doing on my large project, Zach asked if he would be able to do the same thing, and if I would help explain how it all works,” Joe says.

So, Joe created a Salesforce developer site with Skuid installed for Zach to create the game. Joe helped out by building the Salesforce Custom Objects based on what Zach said he wanted, then created a public website within Salesforce to host the Skuid pages.

Then, Zach got to work. Over one month, both at school and at home, Zach used Skuid to build out the game’s screens. He used Tables and Drawers to enter dates into the Salesforce Objects, and then Field Editors, Decks, and Tables for the game site and information for his classmates. He even invited his friends over for a beta test of the game before its debut in his class store. At the store, Zach showed his class how he created the application, and “sold” a printout of the homepage and url.

Featuring Zach’s hand-drawn pictures of green Yoda-esque goblins and detailed descriptions of suspenseful scenarios, the game is just as enjoyable to play as it was for Zach and Joe to create it.

“Overall, Zach had a lot of fun building the application and learned quite a bit about not only how easy Skuid is to use, but also how he can create things easily on the Internet, “ Joe says.

And of course, Skuid employees played it, too. Some survived, and others were felled by zombies or flying swords, but a select few beat the game’s boss and escaped with the gold.

Ready to see how Zach did it? Get a free Skuid demo today.

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