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Every year at Dreamforce offers new opportunities for adventure, and this year was no exception. Relive the fun with our video and highlight reel.

AXA demoed a dynamite dashboard.

French multinational insurance firm AXA, like many businesses that operate across borders, needed to give senior managers the ability to see how the business runs across each region.

But while they had access to the data they needed to see, their manual reporting process was putting them a month behind in seeing it.

At Dreamforce, Sudesh Thevasenabathy, Head of Customer Care Management at AXA Hong Kong, demoed the real-time dashboard the company built with Skuid to give senior managers instant access to regional performance.

The customized dashboard displays all their data from Salesforce—plus other systems—and makes it easy to drill down into specific fields to get the necessary level of detail. The resulting efficiency improvements make AXA’s first Skuid project an all-around win.

Interested in other success stories in financial services? Read this case study from Skuid partner Fujitsu.

BHGE revealed an expansive transformation.

BHGE’s digital transformation strategy works. At Dreamforce this year, Shan Jegatheeswaran, VP of Sales Operations at BHGE, revealed why—along with the stunning real-world results.

With a new approach to technology, design thinking, and change management, BHGE rewired its entire commercial organization, redesigned an entire spectrum of commercial processes, and glued it together with a new, fresh commercial platform built on Salesforce and Skuid.

By creating one sales process across the enterprise with one commercial language and forecast methodology, BHGE saw a marked increase in new deals created and an increase in user adoption to 100%.

After its initial success, BHGE continues to expand its transformation throughout the business, looking next to inventory, HR, marketing, and demand planning.

Interested in more of BHGE’s story? Check out this blog by Shan Jegatheeswaran.

GolfNow showcased a streamlined customer experience with Skuid and Lightning.

In addition to all the golf puns now available to us, we love the GolfNow success story because it proves the power of Skuid and Lightning for enhancing the customer experience.

At Dreamforce, Michael Barnes, Director of Administration at GolfNow, shared the inspirational story of how, with only two Salesforce admins, the company transformed the way they manage, view, and enter data.

By bringing all the information into an easy-to-use user interface for every team, the solution Michael and his team created resulted in major time and headcount savings, and created a significantly enhanced and streamlined customer experience.

Want more of Michael’s story? Watch the video here.

You built an app from scratch in less than an hour.

The Build-an-App Workshops we launched this year became quickly and wildly successful, so we had to bring them to Dreamforce—where we guided you through the app-building process in record time! In just under one hour, each registrant used Skuid to build a fully-functional business app—and got inspired to build more.

Had to miss the workshop? No worries. Register for a virtual workshop coming up in October here.

Skuid partners took the stage.

Just as inspiring as what our customers do with the Skuid platform is what our partners can help companies achieve with Skuid. We were thrilled to share the stage in our exclusive Skuid Lagoon space at the PG&E Center with our partners at Apps Associates and Leancog.

Apps Associates showed us how to integrate Salesforce CPQ with Skuid on public communities, and Leancog demonstrated the power of user-centric apps versus data-centric apps—and how to create them.

Interested in partnering with Skuid? Learn more here.

We unveiled our most powerful release yet.

Six years ago, we revealed Skuid for the first time at Dreamforce 2012. Jaws dropped. This year at Dreamforce 2018, we unveiled v12—a release we affectionately and confidently call, “Skuid Spark,” because we believe it will inspire people to finally create the apps they imagine.

In fact, it already has. If reactions during live demos at Dreamforce are any indication, the world is beyond ready for a new way to design, develop, and deploy applications.

From native mobile capabilities, to private data security, to a gorgeous new design studio and strategic best-practice app templates, the next generation of application development is here.

Haven’t gotten your demo yet? Tune in to our deep dive webinar on Skuid Spark.

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