The Skuid story—solving problems since day one

We could use a lot of lofty language to describe how and why Skuid came about, but big words—in my opinion—don’t really fit the scrappiness of our upstart start-up. The long and short of it is, we wanted to make our jobs (and all jobs in general) easier.

In 2012, Skuid did not exist. Our founder, Ken, and three of our developers were working for another company Ken had founded called Skoodat, where they built enterprise applications for schools on top of the Salesforce platform. Skoodat had a good product, but the guys quickly learned there was no one-size-fits-all solution for education. Each school wanted to make tweaks to the product to tailor it to their unique needs. The Skoodat team spent a lot of time making similar changes over and over again… and they were bored.

Finding our building blocks

skuid-building-blocksThe team had a realization during a design brainstorm session. You see, there were these blocks in the office, called Deconstruction Blocks, that the team fiddled with during down time. With these blocks, they would build impressive structures using repeat patterns and then quickly disassemble them to make something new. The guys realized that they should build a product more like these blocks.

They asked themselves: instead of coding a unique solution for every customer, why not empower the customer to customize the solution themselves? Why not give them individual components to create the impressive structures of an app, while at the same time making the structure easy to change and scale?

This no-code platform would not only make customer projects easier for the team, but it would expand the company’s audience beyond education. They wanted the tool to be simple enough for anyone to understand, no matter their coding expertise, no matter their business type. They weren’t thinking ‘let’s revolutionize the way people interact with their data’ at the time, but it was the seed of that idea that grew into Skuid.

Going from dream to reality

That summer, Ken debuted the idea at Salesforce’s annual conference, Dreamforce, to a standing room-only crowd. Due to overwhelming positive feedback to the rudimentary Page Composer, they started developing the new product full time.

Skuid was launched as a standalone product on the Salesforce App Exchange that September. One year — and a solid customer base later—Skuid launched the mobile composer, bringing the declarative app-building experience to tablets and mobile phones. Since then, Skuid has introduced countless product enhancements and features to meet customers’ needs.

Now, instead of a team of four in Chattanooga, Skuid is a company of 45 with offices in Chattanooga and San Francisco, and employees in Oregon, North Carolina, and Texas. Customers span 31 countries and over 5 million active licenses… and those numbers are still growing! Skuid is proud of where they’ve come from and excited about the next year and where it will lead.

For a more in-depth look, here’s an infographic celebrating what we’ve accomplished in 2015:


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