Fisher and Paykel Unifies Sales

Meet Shireen Cowie, Salesforce® system administrator at Fisher & Paykel, a global premium appliance designer and manufacturer based in New Zealand.

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Fisher & Paykel’s sales excellence team had a problem with their enterprise software—everyone was getting lost. Using several different, disconnected systems to track all of their activities made their sales process confusing and inefficient.

After buying Salesforce to unify their systems and manage their data more effectively, they found they still needed the ability to create a customized app that worked the way their sales team did. They also wanted to do that fast, and they wanted the app to be scalable.

In just six weeks, using Skuid, they created a custom CPQ system without using code.

But that’s just our take—watch the video and hear the story from Shireen herself!

Want to learn more? Check out this case study for the details.
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