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[Video] How digital transformation happens with BHGE & Constellation.

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This blog was originally published on 11/16/2018 and has been updated.

How can businesses today better equip themselves to serve their customers?

We sat down with Shan Jegatheeswaran, VP of Sales Operations at BHGE; Keith Schilling, Director, Sales and Commercial at BHGE; and Ray Wang, Principal Analyst and Founder at Constellation Research, to talk about how BHGE does just that.

Watch the video to hear Shan, Keith, and Ray discuss the radical digital transformation at Baker Hughes, a GE company, and what makes the business so successful.

Use existing infrastructure.

For a company as large and complex as Baker Hughes GE, stitched together through a decade of acquisitions and mergers (most recently the combination of GE Oil & Gas with Baker Hughes to create Baker Hughes, a GE company), buying more and more software or launching a multi-million-dollar development project was not on the table.

Instead, BHGE used Skuid to transform the platforms into which they’d already invested significant time and resources.

Because data integration and application development are primarily drag-and-drop, point-and-click operations in Skuid, BHGE avoided adding additional complexity, time, and costs.

“Skuid helps us transform because it takes technology off the table,” says Shan. “I don’t have to worry about, ‘Can we do this?’ It’s, ‘Why can’t we do this?’ or ‘Why not? Let’s get it done.’”

Follow a trusted process.

To zero in on their digital transformation strategy, BHGE began by getting a lot of people in the same room to try and figure out what problem it was they wanted to solve, talking and whiteboarding.

While they loved getting to connect, the BHGE team quickly realized that this process would not be scalable.

To respond to this change management challenge, BHGE created a process they call D5. The five D’s represent five stages—discovery, data, diagram, design and deploy. Though each step is integral to the process, Shan stresses the importance of data and design:

  • Data—Thoughtfully design your data models to match what you want to do with your data.
  • Design—Use the interaction between technology, design, and culture to drive the right behavior.

Take technology out of the equation.

Wait—we’re still talking about digital transformation, right? Ultimately, BHGE found that digital transformation isn’t about flashy new features or automation for automation’s sake.

Digital transformation is about optimizing the processes you use to do business, and using technology to make your business goals a reality.

By choosing the right technology or platform, you can spend your time understanding the business problem and creating the right solution.

“Digital transformation, for me, is a new approach to how we apply technology to our employees,” Shan says. “Digital transformation for me is also how leadership thinks about that technology, and what we do with that data, and then monetizing it and driving insights for the decisions that you make.”

So far, BHGE’s surprisingly nimble digital transformation has yielded incredible productivity and efficiency in their sales organization—and they’re not stopping there.

After its initial success, BHGE continues to expand its transformation throughout the business, looking next to inventory, HR, marketing, and demand planning.

Their initial solution was built with Skuid and integrated with their existing tech stack, including Salesforce, Tableau, Seismic, AWS, Office, and more.

BHGE is now leveraging Skuid to build a suite of connected apps, tied together with common data taxonomy and design strategy to deliver an enhanced employee experience.

This new solution will correlate their data, operationalize insights, and measure and solve risks.

Interested in similar results? We can show you how they did it. Schedule a personalized demo today to speak with a Skuid expert.

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