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[Video] Pain relief, by design.

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Do your users grumble about your enterprise applications? Do you suffer from low user adoption (anything under 90%)? It may be time to admit that you’ve got pain in your SaaS.

In the video above, Jeff Cole, director of the Experience Design Group at Skuid, explains how you can use human-centered design to relieve the pain your users feel with their business applications—and get people to actually use the software.

Users resist their business applications.

When users experience pain when using their enterprise applications—when it’s hard to get work done, or even if it just feels like it’s difficult—they’ll quickly abandon those applications in favor of their own non-approved workarounds. Users need business applications designed exclusively for them.

Create more human user experiences.

How do you display empathy for your users in your enterprise application design? What does that look like on a practical level?

Jeff says it’s a balancing act—between desirability, feasibility, and viability. Desirability focuses on the people using the business application. Feasibility is concerned with what’s actually possible on a technical level. And viability focuses on real business value—will this move the needle in the enterprise?

“It’s putting the human at the center of the decision-making process around building applications and solving problems,” says Jeff.

Start now.

Sometimes, the biggest obstacle to creating more human user experiences is the deadline, according to the stories Jeff hears in his role. Teams focus on deploying a business application, with the goal of improving the user experience later.

“Which usually means you might never get to that,” Jeff says. “I’ve heard people say, ‘Well, they’ve got to use it anyways. We’re an enterprise, it’s part of their job. They’ve got to put the data in here, they’ve got to do these things anyways.’ That’s not a good enough reason for any user to use it.”

By creating more human user experiences now, you can future-proof your business from disruption and innovate like you’ve always imagined.

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