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[Video series] Covenant Transport puts their best fleet forward with Skuid.

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Every trucking fleet has a lot of moving parts. Multiple systems, large sets of data, and constant vigilance all factor into keeping trucks and drivers on the road and moving safely.

For Covenant Transport, a Chattanooga, Tennessee-based fleet with more than 3,000 drivers, these business challenges became amplified due to fragmented data systems and outdated reporting processes, and more. Then they found Skuid.

Making the connections

Skuid helped the Covenant team connect all of their fleet and business data in one seamless interface. For the Covenant sales team, processes that used to take multiple phone calls and wasted time switching between systems can now be completed from one central location in just minutes. Reports, sales calls, and activity tracking can be completed seamlessly and efficiently.

Now, all of Covenant’s sales teams have simple, instant access to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and SharePoint data they need to log daily tasks and better serve their customers.

Building for the future

The Covenant team implemented and learned the Skuid system quickly. But even better, the intuitive Skuid app-building platform means users can also easily learn how to maintain their personal app experience. For the team at Covenant Transport, this means individual users can help evolve their apps over time, without burdening IT. And that’s just the beginning of Covenant’s Skuid success story.

Check out the video to hear the Covenant Transport team tell their Skuid success story in their own words!

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