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OpenGate Consulting partners with businesses across a wide variety of industries to help drive adoption of Salesforce and other CRM systems across their organization. As long-standing Skuid partners and certified experts, OpenGate has so far leveraged Skuid in around 40 different client projects—everything from healthcare, to manufacturing, to financial services.

With Skuid, OpenGate can design and develop quality Salesforce and CRM solutions within the time frame that their customers need and expect.

Because it’s so easy to use Skuid to create applications that people love to use, OpenGate can also continue to deliver on their promise of elevating user adoption—which creates product evangelists in the company, opening new doors and opportunities for OpenGate to expand their services.

We have found that when one department sees that another department has Skuid, they raise their hand and say, “I want that.”

Alec Elmore
Chief Executive Officer
Opengate Consulting

Take, for example, the project OpenGate completed with JBMP Group.

JBMP Group found OpenGate through Salesforce in their search for a partner who could help them take advantage of everything Salesforce has to offer.

As a full-service real estate brokerage specializing in home sales, investment sales, and property management, the nine agents at JBMP Group have to manage about 200 listings on a monthly basis. To accomplish such a task, most real estate groups are forced to use outdated technology that is not cost-effective and very difficult to control.

JBMP Group wanted to be different. They imagined a fully custom, cloud-based system that would grow with their business.

With Skuid, OpenGate, and Salesforce, JBMP Group finally found the perfect combination. They set a clear, achievable goal for the project: to break down all of their existing processes and determine how each process aligned with a business goal.

By creating a solution where each step could provide measurable value, JBMP Group set a precedent for growing their company in years to come. They can even start optimizing right now.

“With Skuid, we’re able to react to customer and client feedback very easily,” says Jonathan Beaulieu, owner at JBMP Group. “It’s very simple for us to go in and make changes, and react to what they’re telling us and how we can improve things.”

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