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[Webinar] Discover the new standard for front-end development.

Organizations are drowning in SaaS software, devices, and operating systems.

The average small- to medium-sized business uses between 300 and 400 cloud apps, according to ZDNet. This escalation in recent years has drastically increased the complexity of creating and customizing the front-end of applications.

Yet at the same time, resources to design and build front-end user interfaces and user experiences remain scarce and expensive.

Within many enterprises the idea of creating and adapting individualized applications for the unique needs of each user persona seems far out of reach.

To fulfill the promise of enterprise applications, companies must find a new way to develop them, essentially turning app development on its head, by focusing on the user experience—the front-end of application development.

While technologies from AWS and Microsoft Azure have abstracted away the complexity of back-end infrastructure and services, developers need a similar way to abstract away the complexity of front-end development so that it can be truly agile.

How do they do it? Join Skuid on January 24, 2019 at 1 p.m. EST to discover the new standard for front-end development and start putting it into practice in your organization.

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