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What is a Skuid Model?

Skuid Models don’t exactly sound exciting, but they are revolutionary (I’m not exaggerating, really). They are tricky to describe because no one else has something exactly like them. But they’re truly the ‘secret sauce’ of Skuid.

Skuid Models, according to our CTO, Mike Duensing, are “a virtual representation of your data.” In other words, Models are how Skuid displays specific data in apps you build with Skuid.

Other tools have dozens of components, and maybe even some kind of drag-and-drop way to configure them. But other tools don’t let you connect those components to each other and interact with data on multiple platforms without code.

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That’s what Skuid Models do—they let you connect your data for all of your Skuid Components in a matter of seconds. Now, changes to the data you have stored in any platform are reflected in your Skuid user interface instantly without writing queries. The charts you have connected to Salesforce react in real time when you change data in a table, or even a calendar. Skuid Models provide complete read/write data control across platforms. All done without code.

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