What is UX

What is UX, and why does it matter?

Here at Skuid, we talk a lot about user experience (UX). One common misconception is that user experience is only about making apps look pretty and modern, like updating color schemes and changing fonts.

While having an interface that’s easy on the eyes is an important part of UX, it’s also about how easy an app is to use and how you feel when you use it. Does it make you more productive, or does it eat up time? Does it make you feel frustrated and bored, or energized and relaxed? Is the app a tool for conquering your business problems, or is the app an obstacle itself?

What’s the difference between good UX and bad UX?

Good UX makes you efficient, and even makes doing your job more fun. Apps with good UX feel custom-made for their specific use. They don’t require extensive training because they’re designed intuitively, and using them doesn’t take up much time, either. And in business, minutes matter.

Bad UX? It’s the opposite. It takes forever (or so it seems) to make a simple update. It involves multiple apps that don’t talk to each other (even though they have the same information). Or it takes users weeks just to gain a basic understanding of the software. Lost productivity and efficiency makes bad UX an expensive problem.

Don’t settle for “good enough.”

When you’ve spent months or years dealing with clunky user interfaces, it’s easy to settle for “good enough” UX—to accept that technology will always be an annoyance on some level, and there’s just not much you can do about it. It’s hard to believe that you could ever feel like you’re having fun using enterprise software.

That is, until you download an app on your phone that lets you call a taxi in two minutes, and see where they are as they drive to you. Or you make a purchase online that takes three clicks and 30 seconds. Then you start to wonder… what if I could have that experience with all my apps?

Your customers and your employees are wondering that, too. That’s why investing in good UX is essential for keeping them happy and driving productivity in your business. Customers want whatever they’re buying faster and easier. Employees want more time to spend on the part of their job that really matters. And you want your business to be the best.

Now that you’ve got the basics, are you ready to become a UX mastermind?

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