AFL decreases time spent managing commissions in Salesforce® by 67% with Skuid.


AFL, a global manufacturer whose products and services help customers improve their critical fiber optic and electrical infrastructures, achieved widespread Salesforce® user adoption by customizing their user experience with Skuid.

The company instantly saved $82,000 on implementation and will continue to save $20,000 each year by eliminating subscription fees they would have paid for an off-the-shelf incentive-management product. By streamlining the incentive compensation system specifically for AFL representatives, AFL reduced the time spent managing commissions in Salesforce by 67%.


In 2004, AFL built an in-house application to manage their sales incentive program. At the time, the system met the company’s needs and used cutting-edge technology. However, as the years passed, the app became a source of frustration. Only one person in the company had the technical know-how to make changes, which prevented the incentive compensation team from making adjustments as their needs evolved.

“Managing data was time-consuming and full of errors,” says Chandra Verrett, sales process and applications manager at AFL.

Without real-time task notifications, AFL reviewed commission information once a month before sending payment. Customer service reps had to manually compare the application’s records to shipping logs to ensure accuracy. The old system also lacked real-time reporting to help the VP of sales make strategic decisions about the compensation structure.

AFL adopted Salesforce in 2014 to manage records across multiple business units and Chandra wanted to use the new technology for incentive compensation. Chandra and her team considered buying an add-on app to manage incentives, but they struggled to find a product that fit their unique processes.

“Everyone’s processes are a little different,” Chandra says. “We wanted to build something that perfectly matched our business.”

With a large backlog, the IT team at AFL did not have time to build a custom solution, and Chandra didn’t have the budget to hire a consultant to develop an incentive compensation system. AFL needed a bespoke, made-to-order application that fit their unique needs.


Chandra knew she couldn’t be the only Salesforce admin facing this problem, so she searched the Internet for a solution. She found Skuid on the Salesforce Success Community, viewed a demo and was immediately hooked.

Using Skuid’s free page templates as a springboard, Chandra and her team created a custom incentive management app. Based on user feedback, she quickly and easily customized the user experience, delighting the customer service team.

“Our development pace is warp speed—easily 10 times faster than before,” Chandra says. “All our work so far has been done internally, with 85% of it being done through Skuid’s drag-and-drop interface, and the rest using Javascript.”


With the new application’s real-time notifications, customer service reps can respond to commission requests within an hour instead of a month. They can easily see their task queue on their home screen when they log in to Salesforce. As a result, the external sales team receives their commission in a matter of days instead of weeks.

“We took a painful process and streamlined it,” Chandra says. “The reaction is pure glee. Our reps come by all the time to say how much they love it.”

The new system also gives the AFL leadership team information they need to make strategic decisions about compensation. With graphs that update as information changes, the leadership team can analyze commissions paid over time and change compensation rules.

AFL instantly saved $82,000 on implementation and will save $20,000 each year by eliminating subscription fees they would have paid for with an off-the-shelf incentive-management product. By making the incentive compensation process intuitive, Chandra’s team reduced the time spent managing commissions in Salesforce by 67%.

“Our entire Salesforce org has been transformed into beautiful, intuitive pages that actually match the real-world process that our users expect,” Chandra says. “If you get only one app for your org, then this is the one to get.”