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Utah Healthcare Company Builds COVID-19 Tracker in One Day to Assure the Health and Safety of Thousands of Essential Workers, Patients.


Chrysalis, a healthcare organization that serves people with intellectual disabilities, needed a comprehensive system for tracking COVID-19 cases in their community. Rich Slack, President, used Skuid to create a customized solution that tracks detailed information about each patient in their program while maintaining strict HIPAA regulations.


A longtime Skuid customer, Chrysalis has used Skuid throughout their organization to deliver custom Salesforce applications faster and more cost-effectively. As the COVID-19 virus began to spread across the globe and as the executive team gathered supplies and developed their strategy to protect patients and team members, Rich realized he would need a solution to manage the new demands the virus would put on the company’s 2,800 staff and 1,200 clients. He needed to develop and deliver a tracking solution quickly and without a dedicated team of technical builders.

Chrysalis is considered essential services, providing a continuum of care from in-home intensive applied behavioral analysis (ABA) services to children on the autism spectrum to around-the-clock, one-on-one attention in a Chrysalis provided home. COVID-19 posed a significant threat to Chrysalis’ already vulnerable clients and staff.

According to Rich, “Our concern with COVID-19, as it hits the cities and communities we’re in, is for our patients. Many of our patients are at a higher risk. And so, we needed to figure out how we keep those clients safe and what protocols we put in place.”

Chrysalis already uses Skuid and Salesforce as their electronic health records (EHR) system to track information about their clients, team members, houses, and foster families, but they needed an easy, user-friendly way to track COVID-19 illness reports, quarantine timelines, and provide next steps for team members.


At first, Rich used Skuid to build a quarantine protocol system. He quickly realized he also needed to track those being tested for COVID-19, those quarantined, and those who had overcome the virus.

He rapidly built an Emergency Response Center tab in Salesforce using Skuid. The Skuid solution automatically displays pertinent information related to the virus, including time in quarantine, who the COVID-19 positive client/team member came in contact with, contact information, update tracking and next steps.

“The page is not just a repository of data, it’s conditionally pulling in the information that would be helpful and hiding other information that’s not helpful,” said Rich. “So at a glance, you can see exactly what you need to see.”

The Skuid solution provides an easy and user-friendly way to track COVID-19 illness reports, quarantine timelines, and offer the next steps for team members. The solution equips his teams with the information needed to do their jobs while maintaining security to meet strict HIPAA regulations.


Chysalis built the new solution very quickly, spending just over a single day to build and implement it.

“I realized tracking [COVID-19] at Chrysalis was going to be a major issue. How do you accurately keep track of that many people and provide meaningful updates so the leaders are aware of status updates and issues without a whole lot of noise and rumor? So that night I went home and I spent a couple of hours building the solution. Implementation was a quick video training to the leaders over the geographic areas. From idea to implementation it only took about a day and a half to get it all rolled out,” Rich shared.

He had already used Skuid to customize his Salesforce apps, accelerate prototypes, and deliver on user needs fast and painlessly. So he knew we were the right tool for this job.

“I think if the barriers to entry to create the solution are too high, then you don’t even consider the solution. The fact that Skuid makes it so quick to build a tool that’s intuitive for the end-user makes it absolutely amazing,” said Rich.

The new solution empowers Chrysalis’ employees to work in the ways they need during this period of crisis. It’s simple to use, with a straightforward user experience and very few clicks.

“When you can engage employees as part of the process, they put their best ideas forward and what you get is a rapidly changing product that actually addresses the employees’ needs,” said Rich. “Not only right now, but throughout our history — with Skuid, we think of ideas and program those ideas at the speed of thought.”