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Case studies

Read how United Capital Group reinvented how it thinks, works, and engages employees with technology using Skuid. By dramatically re-engineering their existing Salesforce® implementation with Skuid, United Capital Group generated $454,000 in initial development cost savings and recovered more than 2,270 development hours by eliminating time-intensive, hand-coded interfaces.
Read this case study to learn how American Enterprise Institute built custom interfaces with its current enterprise software without writing code.
Learn how an enterprise application management software company quickly and efficiently transitioned to an account-based workflow with Skuid.
Read how National Christian Foundation rolled out a powerful new online donor portal that reduced back-office processing costs while increasing donor participation. To date, NCF’s new website has yielded $2.5 billion in grants to charities. NCF also saved over $1 million in development costs by using Skuid instead of other solutions.
Read how Column Five, a leading creative agency that helps brands educate, engage, and inspire their audience through powerful visual storytelling, has transformed the user interface of all its apps to create a seamless user experience across the Salesforce Platform®, including AppExchange apps.
The Chalmers Center for Economic Development is a research and training organization that equips churches with economic development strategies that holistically empower people who are poor. By uniting cutting-edge research, micro-economic development interventions, and social entrepreneurship principles, the Chalmers Center grows the capacity of the local church to transform the lives of low-income people without creating dependency.
With Skuid, OpenGate was able to deliver 100% of a service provider’s requirements in less than five months. As a result of exceeding the provider’s requirements with Skuid, the company now estimates the average time for handling a medical claim has dropped from 15 minutes to less than five minutes—a 67% decrease.

Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. transformed the way it tracks and analyzes its business data by creating a bespoke user experience with Skuid. Rather than investing significant time and money to customize their Salesforce® application with code, the company’s Manager built a truly bespoke app around the unique processes and specific business needs of his co-workers in just four months.