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Software company increases sales pipeline production 50% with Skuid.


Because out-of-the-box Salesforce® functions could not meet their exacting needs, Procore assembled a bespoke solution around its proprietary sales process by assembling a completely made-to-order user experience with Skuid. In less than 6 months, the new application increased pipeline production by 50% and increased total call volume by 20%. Procore will also save $648,000 every year by replacing four other SaaS applications with Skuid.


Procore—a cloud-based software company with a suite of project management tools for construction firms—has their sales process down to a science. The rapidly growing company’s analysts reviewed the data and predicted exactly how often sales reps should call and email prospects to have the best chance of closing a deal. It was their secret sauce.

There was only one problem—they couldn’t find a technology to help implement their findings. Procore’s Director of Sales Dan Miller-Smith didn’t want a templated cadence, he wanted to implement Procore’s timing. He also wanted to empower his reps to override the settings if they thought a prospect needed follow up sooner or later than the system dictated.

“We didn’t want to change the way we work to fit a product. We wanted a product that would work exactly how our people work,” Dan says.

“We struggled to get out-of-the-box Salesforce to work for our benefit,” says Thomas Woolley, Business Development Manager at Procore. “I constantly felt like things were slipping through the cracks because the information wasn’t easy to access.”

The BDR team also had trouble with pipeline reporting and forecasting. To fit their unique sales approach, Procore defined pipeline status differently, which would not work in Salesforce’s standard pipeline reports, so Dan’s assistant spent hours entering Salesforce data into spreadsheets to show an accurate pipeline to their executive team.


Dan asked for help from Megan Minihan, a business systems analyst at Procore. Megan tried to find apps to solve Procore’s cadence, workflow and reporting problems, but nothing fit. Megan also worried that bolting on more apps with different interfaces would make the user experience even more confusing for Procore’s sales team. When Megan found Skuid’s drag-and-drop user experience platform, she knew Procore’s business was about to change forever.

Dan had a vision. He wanted a CRM made-to-order for Procore’s business development reps (BDRs), wrapped around Procore’s unique go-to-market processes. Following Dan’s lead, Megan began assembling an app with Skuid’s code-free tools.

Using templates as a starting point, Megan quickly saw astounding results. Guided by Skuid tutorials, in just two days, Megan launched a custom app for Procore’s inside sales team without requesting resources from Procore’s busy IT department.

“We know what works for us, and Skuid gives us complete control over the process, instead of making it fit to another product’s processes,” Dan says. “It’s a complete game changer.”

Megan implemented Dan’s custom cadence and created a dashboard where BDRs could see their daily tasks in one place. Megan also created a page that displays all account information in one place so BDRs can quickly get up to speed about a company before calling them. Dan was sure the tool would supercharge his team’s productivity, and he was right.


Dan and Megan rolled out the new user experience to their BDR team, and the response was overwhelmingly positive from both the BDRs and the Procore management team. Dan saw an immediate ROI because he was able to stop using costly bolt-on apps, saving the company $648,000 yearly.

Dan’s team increased pipeline production by 50% and total call volume by 20%. The simplified process has also decreased ramp-up time for new hires from 9 weeks to 6 weeks.

A recent sales blitz challenge revealed the surprising productivity benefits of the Skuid UX versus standard Salesforce. Reps using Skuid completed twice as many activities as the most productive rep using standard Salesforce. At the end of the blitz, all of the top four reps on the leaderboard had used Skuid.

“Before Skuid, I would spend hours a day manipulating data in Salesforce, scrolling up and down the page, and waiting for additional pages to load just to change one piece of information,” says Doug McDaniel, a business development representative at Procore. “Now that our organization is utilizing Skuid, I have seen a tremendous uptick in day-to-day production. I save hours with in-line editing, customizable page layouts, and simple data manipulation.”

With the success of the BDR project under her belt, Megan set her sights on other departments that could benefit from a user experience overhaul. In less than a month, she created a custom app for Procore’s account executives and another for their management team. Now, she’s working on creating an app for their customer success team.