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American Tower improves analytics implementation with Skuid 

American Tower

American Tower

American Tower improves analytics implementation with Skuid 

American Tower, a wireless communications infrastructure provider, understood that providing an excellent candidate experience meant continuously tracking user satisfaction. When their out-of-the-box software solution didn’t provide the analytics they needed, the team turned to Skuid. With detailed candidate data and a seamless apply flow, American Tower was able to streamline their hiring process and optimize it over time. 


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American Tower provides wireless communications infrastructure and services in twenty-five countries on six continents. With more than 6,000 employees worldwide, the company was committed to attracting the best possible talent. That meant providing an excellent experience for every candidate who visited their careers site. 

The team at American Tower recognized the critical importance of candidate satisfaction, knowing that the quality of the hiring experience can have a dramatic impact on brand sentiment and even business outcomes. After all, 79% of candidates who have a negative experience will share it with friends, colleagues, and/or on social media. 

With their employer reputation top-of-mind, they were particularly interested in tracking their Candidate Net Promoter Score (NPS), as well as other end-to-end candidate journey metrics. They also wanted to justify their investments with real-world data and validate the decisions they were making to improve the application process.  

To gather key metrics, the American Tower team was using the Taleo Applicant Tracking System (ATS). However, this out-of-the-box solution didn’t meet all of their needs, particularly around reporting. The interface made it difficult to access data, and their career site required manual reporting inputs from Taleo. 


To address their tracking and reporting issues, American Tower implemented Skuid EXP. The solution allowed them to inject a candidate survey at the end of the apply flow, helping them better track Candidate NPS over time. In addition, Skuid enabled granular tracking across the American Tower careers site, giving the team greater transparency around how users navigated their site. The new solution also allowed them to capture analytics on candidate interactions across all stages of the Taleo application process, letting the team gather more accurate insights on the entire customer journey.

The new solution included an improved career site, with updated branding and a mobile-optimized experience. The new apply flow removed redundant account registrations and complicated forms, shortening the time it takes to submit an application. 


The American Tower team now has much greater visibility into their candidate journey, career site usage, and apply flow. By tracking and improving their candidate experience over time, they’ve upped their Candidate NPS to 60 – a best-in-class number higher than that of most consumer retail sites.

They’ve also reduced their reliance on manual inputs and processes, saving time and hassle. Their analytics reports are now easily accessible and customizable, which allows the team to check in on their performance in real time and quickly address any issues that might arise. 

The new apply flow has also resulted in lower drop-off rates, faster time to application completion, and a more streamlined experience. American Tower can now provide the world-class, consumer-grade candidate experience that leads to long-term hiring success and a positive employer reputation.

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