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Bayshore HealthCare redesigns its application process with Skuid

Bayshore Healthcare

Bayshore Healthcare

Bayshore HealthCare redesigns its application process with Skuid

Bayshore HealthCare strives to hire passionate, talented caregivers in the competitive medical field. However, their candidate application process left a lot to be desired in terms of efficiency, branding, and user experience. To keep top-tier candidates in the pipeline and engaged, the Bayshore team turned to Skuid EXP.

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Using Skuid, we created a modern, mobile, and streamlined application flow solution to complement our ATS. This has improved our candidate experience considerably by upgrading the appearance and usability of our careers site, and reducing the time to apply from 30 minutes down to just under 5 minutes.
Rose De Luca
Rose De Luca

Talent Acquisition Manager


With more than 100 locations and 13,500 staff members across Canada, Bayshore HealthCare is a leading of provider home and community health care services. One of the company’s top priorities was finding highly qualified, dedicated providers to continuously deliver outstanding care to their 350,000 clients. In the extremely competitive healthcare hiring market, this was no easy task. 

Unfortunately, Bayshore’s convoluted application process was driving candidate drop-off.  The hiring team used the native Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to manage their apply flow, but the out-of-the-box solution didn’t meet their needs. For example, the process was lengthy, unbranded, and required candidates to set up an account before they could apply for a position. As a result, many potential hires exited the process in frustration. 

As a workaround, the Bayshore talent acquisition team implemented a job aggregator’s “easy apply” feature to allow candidates to submit applications more quickly. The problem was that the candidates’ information went directly to the recruiter’s inbox rather than the ATS, bypassing the team’s system of record. With more than 600 “easy apply” applications received daily, this presented a range of process, compliance, and candidate nurture issues that Bayshore needed to resolve quickly. – and ideally, without needing to implement an entirely new ATS. 


To address these pressing challenges, the Bayshore team used Skuid. With Skuid EXP, they didn’t need to scrap their current ATS; the new and improved apply flow sits right on top of their existing system without any complex integrations. This is a huge advantage because they did not want to spend time or budget on training their de-centralized and geographically distributed team on an entirely new ATS.

Using Skuid, Bayshore can present candidates with a new four-step “FastApply” option that lets them submit an application in under five minutes. The updated process eliminates the pre-application account registration or log-in step, along with several other information collection steps throughout the process. In addition, this FastApply flow is fully branded, unifying the candidate experience from end to end – and providing Bayshore with a great opportunity to differentiate themselves from other employers.

The new solution also includes a number of candidate journey reports and insights. It allows the talent acquisition team to A-B test different changes to the apply flow as well, tweaking the experience and tracking results. 


Currently, 64% of Bayshore candidates who click “Apply Now” actually complete the application process — a significant improvement over the average completion rates for their native ATS (9.5% on desktop and 5.1% on mobile). What’s more, they do so in an average of four-and-a-half minutes. By removing redundancies and unnecessary logins, they streamlined the entire apply flow and reduced overall drop-off rates.

On top of providing candidates with a user-friendly, modern, and fully branded experience, the updated application process also solves some serious process issues for the Bayshore team. Bayshore recruiters no longer feel the need to resort to third-party, email-based job applications, and can now encourage candidates to submit their applications within the ATS apply flow. 

As a result, the HR team can operate more efficiently, securely storing candidate info within their native ATS and using it to automatically initiate eOffers, onboarding, and candidate nurture programs on an ongoing basis.

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