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Beverage company nearly triples applicant conversion rate with Skuid

Beverage company

Beverage company

Beverage company nearly triples applicant conversion rate with Skuid

A well-known beverage company saw decent results after implementing a job-aggregator to promote their open positions. However, bringing more candidates into their hiring pipeline didn’t necessarily lead to more completed applications. The main cause? A disappointing candidate experience. To improve the apply flow and boost conversions, the company turned to Skuid. 


increase in applicant conversion rate‍


reduction in job advertising spend‍


time to application completion

Beverage company
Beverage company


A leading beverage company wanted to drive more interest in their open roles in Australia. To get their available positions in front of more potential hires, the organization started using a job-aggregator. The tool was helpful in meeting top-of-funnel targets, but candidates were dropping off before finishing their applications. 

The team did some investigating. It turned out that after entering the pipeline via the job-aggregator, candidates were being rerouted to an unintuitive and clunky SAP SuccessFactors apply flow. The process also required candidates to register with two separate and individually branded systems before they could access an application. Unsurprisingly, this created a jarring hand-off.

In addition, the SuccessFactors apply flow wasn’t optimized for mobile, leading to additional frustration, and eventually, candidate dropoff. Rather than continue to lose out on high-quality hires, the company used Skuid to create a consistent and intuitive experience between the job-aggregator and their Applicant Tracking System (ATS).


To address the dual registration issue, the new solution lets each application to be pre-populated with information from the job board profile. Using Skuid, the team removed friction from the entire apply flow to reduce application abandonment. Both of these improvements significantly shortened the average time it took for a candidate to complete an application.

The customized Skuid solution created a single, seamless, and fully branded application process. The switch between the job-aggregator and the company’s ATS was consistent in terms of look and feel, leading to less confusion and annoyance. Potential hires could also easily apply via mobile, reducing hassle and contributing to the overall decrease in abandonment rates. 


With Skuid, the team completely transformed its apply flow, creating a modern, mobile-optimized, and fully-branded consistent candidate experience. This new, seamless user experience enabled the company to boost its candidate conversion rate from 16.5% to 48.5% – a 194% overall increase.

In addition, their partnership with Skuid saved them significant amounts of money on job advertising, reducing their spending by 66%. Now, the company is seeing more interest, engagement, and applications

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