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Why Corrao Group has gone wall-to-wall with Skuid.

Corrao Group

Corrao Group

Why Corrao Group has gone wall-to-wall with Skuid.

After implementing Skuid internally, Corrao Group saw how they could use the technology to also optimize their clients’ sales force automation user experiences. Now, Corrao Group has gone wallto-wall, and the results so far are stunning.

Before the Corrao Group began to utilize Skuid, it would take me not hours but days to weeks to months to build out custom dashboards that met the needs of the company. Now with Skuid and no coding background, I can build different pages and components quickly to help optimize the use of our system. I continuously hear feedback on how Skuid has streamlined many processes for the users of our system and this is just the start.
Jack Corrao
Jack Corrao

Managing Partner Corrao Group


Business process optimization is in Corrao Group’s DNA.

When Jack Corrao started Corrao Group in 2002, the firm helped technology companies develop or optimize their financial models, their go-to-market
strategies, and their exit strategies.

Then, during the 2008 recession, many of Corrao Group’s clients asked the company to audit their sales and marketing processes. That shift eventually led the team to working on Salesforce projects—to date over 2,000 projects for more than 860 national customers.

In the process of helping clients get more out of their software investments, Corrao Group identified three principles necessary for success—knowing the client’s business processes and data, implementing an efficient data-management program, and making sure their systems have intuitive, engaging user experiences.

Corrao Group realized that Skuid fit perfectly into their Salesforce strategy. Now, Corrao Group is a trusted Skuid implementation partner with extensive experience optimizing Salesforce in the financial, technology, manufacturing, and healthcare industries.


“We do not implement what we don’t use.”
-Jack Corrao, Managing Partner

When the Corrao Group team began their relationship with Skuid as a partner, they decided to go wall-to-wall with the product internally. A diverse team works to create and iterate on their applications. They started with sales and marketing now plan to expand the use of Skuid into human resources.

Instead of presenting customers and prospects with a regular demo, Corrao Group shows clients exactly how they use Skuid within their own Salesforce instance to deliver data to users in a way that helps them accomplish their goals efficiently.

Corrao Group uses Skuid as the unified front-end UX across their IT stack. Skuid pulls Corrao Group’s data together from multiple sources, including CRM, sales and service systems, and third-party apps, and gives their users a personalized and unified UX that dives business productivity.


Project Management Dashboard

Before they used Skuid to redesign their project management dashboard, Corrao Group’s sales and development teams used a cumbersome system that took them hundreds of hours to develop. The application took so many clicks for reps to update that they put off updating it entirely. Managers had no way to quickly see the insights they needed to see about the projects in progress.

With the project management dashboard that Corrao Group designed with Skuid—built in just 18 hours—reps can easily navigate to the information they need and update projects with ease. Managers get executive visibility from a central cockpit.

Forecasting Dashboard

Before building a customized forecasting dashboard with Skuid, Corrao Group had to conform to a generic, overly complex, expensive forecasting model that didn’t account for their unique processes.

With Skuid, Corrao Group created an optimized version of the forecasting dashboard in just 13 hours. The dashboard is accessible to everyone, and each user can use filters to customize their view to meet their own needs.

When Corrao Group takes these examples to their prospective clients, people are blown away. And then, Corrao Group partners with those clients to help them achieve similar results using Skuid.

“We’re reacting to what the customer wants, and the customer wants an interface like the ones you can build with Skuid.”

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