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Franciscan Health creates a top-tier candidate experience with Skuid 

Franciscan Health

Franciscan Health

Franciscan Health creates a top-tier candidate experience with Skuid 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Franciscan Health experienced a huge increase in hiring demand. They even switched their core recruiting system to meet the sudden influx. However, the changeover led to gaps in the hiring process, so they turned to Skuid EXP to create a streamlined experience that would help them find and retain the best talent. 


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Franciscan Health is a hospital healthcare system with more than 20,000 employees across its locations in Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan. The firm recruits for all kinds of positions, from service and accommodations to nursing, physicians, and advanced practice providers. And during the COVID-19 pandemic, their hiring needs exploded. 

To keep up with the demand, Franciscan Health switched its core recruiting system from SAP SuccessFactors to Workday. However, the results weren’t as streamlined as they’d hoped. Ellen Page, director of talent acquisition, and her team quickly noticed that the candidate application workflow had serious gaps. In such a hot job market, and with the effects of the Great Resignation already being felt, a poor candidate experience was unacceptable.

Page explained the situation to the company’s leadership, even walking them through the job application process from the candidate’s point of view. After seeing the gaps for themselves, Franciscan Health knew it had to make the application workflow more user-friendly, particularly for busy healthcare workers who prefer to apply from their mobile devices.


Franciscan Health didn’t want to forego their investment in the Workday system – they wanted to augment it instead while improving the overall experience. So they used Skuid EXP to create an improved application experience that sat on top of the existing software. 

The updated system aligned with Franciscan Health’s brand identity while addressing its current hiring challenges. The team removed friction from the candidate experience, fixed gaps, and made the application more visually appealing. They even incorporated videos that promoted Franciscan Health to interested job seekers. 

The mobile experience was particularly well-designed and turned out to be especially valuable for busy healthcare workers.  “We have a lot of users who apply on their phones, and Workday includes all of these drop-down menus that are hard to select from when you’re on a mobile device. Skuid thought that through and introduced touch-friendly buttons and toggle switches to solve that user experience problem for us,” says Page. 


The candidate experience layer improved Franciscan Health’s application process and sped up the workflow. These upgrades ensured that Franciscan Health kept hiring, even with more than 60 percent of applicants coming through as mobile applications. 

The end result? A candidate experience that’s inclusive, convenient, and competitive. “Franciscan Health is like a small city. There probably isn’t a job on the market that you can’t work at a hospital and do. Now, we have very few people that can’t apply,” Page says. 

When she reflected on the success of the implementation process, Page credited the Skuid solution and partnership. “They were very responsive. We had an awesome team,” she says.   

Franciscan health nurse
Franciscan health nurse

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