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K&L Gates upgrades PeopleSoft self-service apps with Skuid 

K&L Gates

K&L Gates

K&L Gates upgrades PeopleSoft self-service apps with Skuid 

Employees at law firm K&L Gates wanted easy access to self-service options for various HR functions. To meet this need, K&L leadership determined that both their PeopleSoft apps and SharePoint portal would need major updates. So they turned to Skuid for help revamping and upgrading both platforms. 


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Today’s workers expect to be able to perform basic HR functions, such as updating timesheets, requesting PTO, and updating personal information, via an online, self-service application. Not only that, they expect these self-service apps to be intuitive, streamlined, and visually appealing. 

The employees at top global law firm K&L Gates were no different. Increasingly, they were demanding an online tool that would let them quickly and easily perform common HR-related tasks. To keep their workforce satisfied, the K&L leadership team decided they needed to meet these requirements, and fast. 

The team was using PeopleSoft Human Capital Management (HCM) software for their HR needs, and they wanted to bring content from this platform into their SharePoint portal. However, they had to do so without incurring high costs, or requiring heavy IT involvement and extensive professional services for implementation. 

In addition, the K&L Gates team wanted to ensure that all of their HR apps were optimized for mobile and so easy-to-use that training and help-desk support would not be required. So they used Skuid to integrate their PeopleSoft and SharePoint solutions and improve their HR app experiences. 


Using Skuid, the K&L Gates team was able to integrate PeopleSoft and Sharepoint without using code. The end solution didn’t require any changes to either platform, plus it preserved the security customizations and business logic of both systems. There was no need for expensive changes to existing software or any significant IT involvement. 

With Skuid, they also began building mobile-friendly, responsive web applications that blended seamlessly into K&L Gates’s current SharePoint instance. At the same time, they implemented a new, easy-to-use, and intuitive in-app experience that required no training or support on the part of the user. They accomplished all this while also meeting K&L Gates’ strict timeline and limited budget.


The Skuid solution is a beautiful, highly-usable web applications that K&L Gates employees can easily access for simple HR functions. These apps work on any device – desktop, tablet, or smartphone – and integrated information from both PeopleSoft and Sharepoint. 

Workers at K&L Gates universally praised the Skuid self-service apps for their usability and accuracy. Plus, user adoption of the upgraded apps has been especially high. With such an intuitive UX, there’s no need for lengthy training or support, so workers can jump right in, complete their tasks, and get back to their high-value work. 

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