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PHM Management skyrockets efficiency with all data in a single view.

PHM Management

PHM Management

PHM Management skyrockets efficiency with all data in a single view.

At PHM Management, every day is different. As a hospitality consulting firm, the company works with independent hotel owners to increase revenue and create operational efficiencies with solutions custom-made for their clients’ businesses. To serve those clients even better, PHM Management decided to seek out a software solution that was also made-to-order, for their own staff.


>70% improvement in data quality


83% faster processes, 75% efficiency increase

I can create seamless experiences.
 Katie Schorn
Katie Schorn

President and Chief Operating Officer, PHM Management


PHM Management works with hotels in nearly every major market in the country— over 500 clients, not counting the new opportunities they’re always looking at on a daily basis. The high volume of work makes efficient operations, and software to support those operations, an absolute must.

Katie Schorn, president and chief operating officer of PHM Management, quickly concluded that the company’s existing solution wasn’t meeting their needs. To find the information that she needed to place one opportunity, Katie had to jump between multiple different sources. The process took about 30 minutes, and Katie was trying to process up to 90 opportunities on a daily basis.

“It was a lot of paper,” Katie says. “It was a lot of going to four, or five, or six, or seven different resources to find one solution for an opportunity.”

That’s when Katie discovered Rosetree Solutions. After evaluating PHM’s existing processes, solution, and the details Katie and her staff needed to be able to do their jobs well, Rosetree recommended partnering to build a custom application with Skuid.


With Rosetree and Skuid, PHM created a custom application that brought all of the data and information Katie and her team needed to see into a single, unified view.

Instead of bouncing between multiple databases and trying to figure out which information matched for which opportunity, Katie can go to one platform and complete her necessary tasks. With the new application, she decreased the time it previously took her to place one opportunity from 30 minutes to five minutes. She can also get a holistic view of how the company is performing without having to pull multiple cumbersome reports.

“It’s a way for me to look at all of the results of the company in one simple application, instead of going to five or six different places where I had it all saved before,” Katie says. “It’s all in one database.”


Katie says that the key benefit she’s seen from Skuid is the extraordinary time savings. Previously, it took Katie about half a day to be able to execute and place candidates to certain opportunities because of the sheer volume of opportunities. Now, she says that time has been cut in half.

With Katie’s staff and team members also using the Skuid application, she can see important data on what her team is working on, as well as feedback from team members. She can execute more efficiently on all her business processes—up to 75% better, she estimates.

“My day has been able to improve, and I’ve been able to execute on so many different ways to build new business. I can do other things with my day,” she says.

Additionally, the data that each team member is putting into the system is more accurate and consistent. Instead of writing out important information by hand and manually entering it later (increasing risk of error), Katie and her team have a streamlined solution that intuitively guides them through their processes.

“I’ve seen an improvement of well over 70%,” Katie says. “There are no mistakes because you really can’t make one.”

When it comes to the future, Katie is thrilled at the idea of an ongoing partnership with Skuid. She says that because her business is fluid and moves so quickly, it’s exciting to have partners like Rosetree and Skuid that can help her build her next solution in an agile fashion.

“I have a lot of different ideas for the next step I want to take it, and I’m really excited about that,” she says. “I think it’s going to be a long partnership.”

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