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Piedmont Healthcare meets hiring challenges head-on with Skuid

Piedmont Healthcare

Piedmont Healthcare

Piedmont Healthcare meets hiring challenges head-on with Skuid

As a not-for-profit community health system, Piedmont Healthcare was at the forefront of the COVID-19 pandemic. To fill their rapidly-growing list of open positions, they turned to Skuid. Piedmont implemented an improved application flow on top of its existing applicant tracking system (ATS) and expanded its hiring reach in a high-demand market. 

< 1 month

standup time of new platform

over 70%

application completion rate

90% decrease

in time-to-complete

We wanted a technology that would let us cater to candidates from start to finish.
Carly Fearrington
Carly Fearrington

Talent Acquisition Manager


Piedmont Healthcare is an Atlanta-based not-for-profit health system. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, they found themselves on the front lines of the crisis. The constantly-changing conditions directly impacted their everyday operations, especially their hiring needs.

Prior to the pandemic, Piedmont filled its job openings using a mix of traditional recruiting channels, such as social media, in-person events, and healthcare-focused job boards. The recruiting team previously used Skuid EXP to simplify the application process with a more streamlined and intuitive candidate experience. But when COVID-19 struck, Fearrington turned to Skuid once again. 

This time, the recruiting team prioritized meeting the high levels of demand with an improved hiring process and finding new ways to adapt and respond to the fast-moving pandemic situation. “One of the biggest challenges with COVID-19 is that it’s constantly changing the way we do business, the way we recruit. At the same time, it changes and shifts the hotspot roles that we need to fill, and so we wanted a technology that would let us cater to candidates from start to finish, despite the circumstances,” says Fearrington.


Piedmont started leveraging Skuid EXP across the application flow for all open roles.This accounts for more than several thousand annual external hires. Piedmont also leveraged Skuid capabilities to update its outreach methods. Pre-COVID-19, “Walk-In Wednesdays” was an open-house-style recruiting program. Nurses were invited to come to the hospital and meet with a recruiter in-person to better understand what a position offered before applying. The new Skuid-built solution offers candidates self-service scheduling with recruiters so “Walk-In Wednesdays” can take place virtually. 

By moving these recruitment events from in-person to online, Piedmont expanded its hiring reach, connecting recruiters with candidates via video. The move also opened up their talent tool, reaching out-of-state job seekers who wouldn’t have been able to attend a “Walk-In Wednesday.” 


The implementation of Skuid was extremely successful and helped Piedmont to navigate the COVID-19 crisis. The expanded platform took less than a month to stand up, which Fearrington credits to Skuid having a “flexible platform and suite of products that can solve any challenge I bring.” She’s also grateful for the performance results Skuid provides, which allow her to show impact to leadership. 

Since partnering with Skuid, Piedmont Healthcare has seen its application completion rate soar to over 70 percent. That’s not the only impressive result, however. They’ve also decreased their time-to-complete from 25 minutes on average to 2.5 mins for their highest priority roles – a 90% drop.

Given the thousands of critical hires Piedmont makes both internally and externally every year, Skuid helps save time and enhances outcomes across the application flow.

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