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Procore accelerates customer success with Skuid.



Procore accelerates customer success with Skuid.

As a construction project management software company, Procore Technologies previously used Skuid to assemble a made-to-order application for their business development team. In less than 6 months, the new application increased pipeline production by 50% and increased total call volume by 20%. After the success of this app in the business development organization, Procore leveraged Skuid to create a customer success management application to enhance productivity and data integrity.

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Call volume increased


Pipeline production increased

With Skuid, I’m definitely saving time. I’m not having to spend extra hours on learning a whole new language, learning how to develop.
Natalee Yamasaki
Natalee Yamasaki

Customer Success Operations Specialist, Procore

This is a procore video.
This is a procore video.


Procore’s customer success team is designed to empower their clients to get the most out of their software. To accomplish this goal, reps used a customer success management tool.

However, the customer success team wasn’t getting everything they imagined from the tool. Reps had to jump between multiple pages to get the information they needed to do their jobs. There was no way to visualize all relevant data and components within a single page view, which affected efficiency.

After surveying a variety of new systems, the customer success team reviewed Skuid, which the company’s business development organization used to create a made-to order CRM experience for their BDRs.

“My initial reaction to Skuid was just—my jaw dropped,” says Megan Minahan, manager of customer success operations at Procore. “It was everything that we wanted, everything we were looking for in a tool that could customize our business processes.”


With Skuid, Procore created custom interfaces for the customer success team, so that they can easily access and utilize the data that’s most important to them.

“The goal of customer success really is to make all of our users successful,” says Jarryd Hensel, senior manager of customer success. “Skuid fits in that mission by really taking our creativity and making it a reality.”

With all the relevant information located on a “single pane of glass” in an intuitive user interface, customer success managers (CSMs) can easily focus in on a specific portion of their business and prioritize clients and tasks.

For strategic client meetings, CSMs also needed a consistent process for measuring against specific customer success objectives. With Skuid, the Procore team built a custom tool that allowed CSMs to record and document specific objectives and track them for each individual customer. By leveraging this data over time, they can get a more accurate picture of the client and their profile—ultimately leading to better customer relationships.


Because the customer success application is so intuitive, productivity and data integrity have increased, and customer service operations are more streamlined.

Megan says that one of the biggest overall benefits Procore experiences with Skuid is the ability to scale processes throughout their company—even allowing her to scale her team.

For the developers at Procore, the speed and ease with which they can build apps in Skuid make it incredibly useful. Iterations and updates requested by users can be performed in minutes.

“I would definitely recommend Skuid to another developer,” says Michael Schniepp, customer success operations specialist. “I do a lot of custom work and automation that you just can’t get without Skuid.”

Even people without a robust coding background can create apps with Skuid.

“With Skuid, I’m definitely saving time. I’m not having to spend extra hours on learning a whole new language, learning how to develop,” says Natalee Yamasaki, customer success operations specialist. “It’s very intuitive, and the product is just amazing. I’m spending less time, but I’m still able to create this beautiful end product.”

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