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How the Skuid marketing team makes their data work for them.

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At Skuid, we’re the first to admit that we actually need to use the Skuid platform to be successful. Our marketing team uses Skuid to break free from cumbersome reporting and unlock valuable insights to share throughout the organization.


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With Skuid, we were able to accurately organize all of the data into an easy-to-use dashboard in a matter of weeks.
Mary Bruce
Mary Bruce

Senior Marketing Programs Manager, Skuid


Like any modern B2B marketing team, Skuid’s squad of strategic marketers uses an omnichannel approach to generate, nurture, and convert leads. This approach produces a wealth of data that can provide visibility into the buyer journey and transparency between marketing, sales, and other teams across the organization.

That data, however, can only produce measurable value if it’s well-organized on the back end (the data taxonomy), and easily accessible on the front end (the user interface of the marketing application).

For Skuid’s marketing team, this kind of data was inconsistent between CRM and Marketing Automation systems, and they had to pull multiple reports to get any kind of visibility. There was often uncertainty on which reports were accurate, as discrepancies often occurred between marketing and sales reporting, impacting alignment between departments.

To restore alignment, gather insights on marketing channels and target personas, and to be able to quickly and accurately report to senior leadership, the team needed the visibility to see which contacts came from which campaigns and which lead sources. The solution needed to be intuitive, scalable, and accessible throughout the company.


Luckily, our marketing team had an excellent connection—access to the Skuid platform.

Two internal Skuid solutions engineers built what we simply call, “the marketing app,” for the team from scratch, and it lives in our CRM so that it’s always accessible to everyone in the company—and heavily used by the marketing and sales staff.

The application easily integrates with other data sources and marketing automation tools so that the bulk of marketing reporting can occur in one place.

“With Skuid, we were able to accurately organize all of the data into an easy-to- use dashboard in a matter of weeks,” says Mary Bruce, senior marketing programs manager.

In addition to providing the high-level insights that the marketing team needs to optimize their strategies, the sales team can drill into a marketing campaign at any moment to see which prospects are interacting with that campaign.

The marketing app also includes a project management calendar that is tied to marketing campaigns in Salesforce, so that the team doesn’t have to publish campaigns in multiple places. When campaigns and campaign activities are published, these auto-populate to the calendar.

The marketing team can update the project management calendar with other tasks— events, email blasts, blogs, press and media coverage, and more—in real time, to provide visibility into what marketing’s up to, all in one location.

Finally, the marketing app is the go-to location for all published marketing materials. Whether it’s a solutions engineer needing access to collateral, or the CRO needs a case study and video to send to a prospect, they can find it within the app.


Before the marketing team implemented the Skuid solution, it would take around 10 minutes just to generate one report, and the team often had to pull multiple reports to get the data they actually needed.

“With Skuid, it’s live, says Mary. “It’s built to match exactly what we need to see and it updates based on real-time sales activity and shifting data. And if we need to make changes, we just reach out to our solutions engineer and they update it immediately because of the no-code capabilities.”

For example, when the marketing team requested an optimized version of the app, the 2.0 version of the app was completed within 24 hours.

The marketing app requires little training because it’s so easy to use, and because it integrates with our other business apps, the team doesn’t have to jump between lots of different tabs to get things done.

“It’s a minimalist approach to a marketing tech stack,” Mary says. “At another company, you’d probably have a separate tool for each of these things, but at Skuid, it’s all in one place.”

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