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Stanford Children’s Health builds a world-class digital ecosystem with Skuid

Stanford Children’s Health

Stanford Children’s Health

Stanford Children’s Health builds a world-class digital ecosystem with Skuid

Stanford Children’s Health is one of the most respected and well-known healthcare companies in the world. As they set out to build a new flagship hospital, they wanted to meet the highest standards for operational efficiency and user satisfaction. With Skuid, they were able to optimize and integrate their many systems and ensure a healthcare experience worthy of their reputation. 


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Skuid proved they were the only partner who could deliver a reimagined and world-class user experience and provide a seamless technology integration between our Oracle HR and financial systems and SharePoint Online portal. 
Kishore Reddipeta
Kishore Reddipeta

Director, Web Systems and Technologies


When Stanford Children’s Health set out to build a new flagship hospital, they wanted their employees to have a top-tier digital experience to match. Using PeopleSoft, they created a staff intranet portal and a number of mobile applications designed to support the needs of the new hospital and everyone working there. The system and workflows also unified and streamlined service for all other Stanford healthcare groups, including the Stanford University School of Medicine and more than 60 locations in its Bay Area network. 

The PeopleSoft system was a huge success and in line with leadership’s goal to set new standards for healthcare experiences. The Stanford team took a no-compromise approach to optimize the efficiency of their employees using PeopleSoft. For their efforts, they even earned industry recognition and marquee awards. 

To help their employees work even more effectively, the Stanford team decided to connect their staff intranet portal with other tools around financials and human resources. However, integrating PeopleSoft with their other significant software infrastructure investments in Oracle HR and Microsoft Sharepoint turned out to be a big challenge. As a large healthcare group, they also had to contend with a complex IT environment that included multiple vendor systems, along with an in-progress transition to the cloud. 


With so many technical and logistical challenges on their plate, Stanford turned to Skuid for help realizing their vision. Their goal was to optimize employees' interactions with their IT systems but they were facing tight deadlines and technical hurdles. Together with Skuid, Standford was able to architect, design, and deploy the world-class digital system they’d imagined for their healthcare network and newest hospital. 

As a result of the updates, hospital staff and employees across the Stanford health network can quickly access important and time-sensitive HR and financial information. The redesigned user experience is more modern and intuitive, with self-serve workflows for paid-time-off requests and transaction approvals. 

 By integrating approval worklists into portal workflows, Skuid made approvals easier to find and faster to complete, reducing the risk of missed tasks and human error. Hospital and healthcare managers can now review and action everything from expenses, requisitions, journal entries, and performance reviews to vouchers and travel authorizations.

They also implemented single sign-on, which consolidated multiple systems and eliminated three separate sets of user logins and credentials. Bringing these platforms together unlocked entirely new and extremely useful functionality, like being able to display a merged count of outstanding approvals. Plus, integrating these systems allowed the Stanford team to enhance system security by enabling Office 365 multi-factor authentication (MFA) on Azure. 


The new functionality is now among the most popular in the staff portal. Managers have noted faster approvals and increased productivity. Staff and executives are also highly satisfied with the consolidated platform’s usability. 

These digital systems for Stanford Children’s Health employees now reflect the world-class health care experiences that the hospital expects for its staff and patients. The updates are expected to benefit the Stanford team well into the future, boosting efficiency and reducing the risk of downtime. 

Stanford’s journey with Skuid isn’t over yet. Stanford is continuing to introduce new functionality and efficiency enhancements – and bring more systems into its digital and mobile strategy. Stanford also plans to leverage Skuid EXP to manage its long-term cloud migration. 

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